DIY Lace Collar Necklace (Oliver Bonas knock-off)

DIY Lace Collar Necklace by Thisblogisnotforyou.comHeeeelllo! Hope you all had happy Easter holidays! Mine were awesome and I think I cannot eat any more chocolate for the next few years (I might change my mind by the end of the week). Before travelling to Germany for the holidays, I went konditorn [German for 'going out to eat confectionary like old ladies do'] with a friend (modelling the necklace above) and when we went shopping afterwards, she dragged me into an Oliver Bonas store. Man, I wanted to buy everything in there, but luckily I was out of money.

The Gang’s Capes – Hannah

Fairy Tale Cape by thisblogisnotforyou.comMay I present – Hannah and her gorgeous Fairy Tale Cape (she really looks as if she walked right out of a fairy tale)! You can read Hannah’s full review on the pattern on her blog You should also check out the awesome sewing machine tattoo she got last week (I’m a bit jealous)!

Hannah’s cape turned out to be super fabulous! Fairy Tale Cape by thisblogisnotforyou.comHannah used a dusty pink suiting style fabric for her cape and chose to line it with the “softest, fluffiest fabric you have ever felt”. It really does look very soft, fluffy and comfy, I have to say! And it goes so well with the dusty pink colour of the cape. I love how you can see the little fluffy furry bits at the hem and front of the cape. It makes it look so cosy!Fairy Tale Cape by

The Gang’s Capes – Berry

Fairy Tale Cape by thisblogisnotforyou.comBerry made her beautiful Fairy Tale Cape using a light wool and contrasting buttons.Fairy Tale Cape by

She chose to add real buttonholes and sew an invisible hem with her machine (very nicely done, Berry!).Fairy Tale Cape by thisblogisnotforyou.comI love the colour of the wool and the large hood drapes perfectly. The contrasting buttons are so cute and give the cape a slightly vintage-looking touch. Fairy Tale Cape by

I love your cape, Berry! Hope you love it, too! x

If you’d like to make your own version of the Fairy Tale Cape – you can download the pattern here!

Happy sewing!

Stay in touch!

Refashion It! Wool Sweater to Skirt

refashion wool sweater by thisblogisnotforyou.comIt’s spring and time to get rid of all these sweaters you haven’t worn in years! Before you throw them away, why not try a quick refashion? This way having lived a long boring life in your closet your sweater might at least have a chance to lead a short exciting life as a skirt before it gets replaced by all the lovely summer dresses we can’t wait for.

The Gang’s Capes – Rachael

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

This is Rachael’s version of the Fairy Tale Cape! Isn’t it fabulous? I think it’s a real showstopper! She used purple velvet as her main fabric and decided to make it floor-length and to line the hood.

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

You know what this cape reminds me of? 

I haven’t seen the movie yet (I’m only into the old Disney movies – Hakuna Matata, guys!) but I’ve seen enough pictures lately to immediately think of Elsa’s (?) cape in Frozen when I saw Rachael’s version.

Refashion it! The Bambi Shirt & Tips for stamping fabric

hand stamped Bambi tee by

hand stamped Bambi tee by thisblogisnotforyou.comhand stamped Bambi tee by thisblogisnotforyou.comI recently bought a white tee and refashioned it for my best friend’s birthday (yes, the one who also was lucky enough to get a made-to-measure bridesmaid dress for Christmas!).

I bought a tiny Bambi stamp on Amazon. I have loads of textile paint left from the time when I spent my days stamping totes and tees (pre-sewing machine days!) and used a basic black paint for light fabrics which I bought in Oslo years ago. This paint is tried and tested many times and I know that it lasts forever without loosing its colour.
hand stamped Bambi tee by thisblogisnotforyou.comhand stamped Bambi tee by

Hollywood Sew-Along: The Notebook – Part 2

if you’re a bird, i’m a bird

Hollywood Sewalong: The Notebook by

Welcome back guys! It’s time for Part 2 of our Hollywood-Sew-Along: The Notebook.
Part 1 was all about showing you our inspiration from the movie, now it’s time to share more concrete ideas and plans about patterns and fabrics we are using for our sew-along make. Part 3 will be, of course, all about our final pieces.


I haven’t started constructing the garment, yet (I’m the person who write the paper the day before the deadline. Sad, but true. time pressure = excuse for coffee!), but I sort of settled on the style and fabric I am going to use.

The Gang’s Capes – Lisa

Hello my lovely readers and sewing nerds!

After the release of my debut pattern on Friday, I want to share the gorgeous capes with you which my awesome pattern tester gang made! The ladies did an amazing job and they all were super creative! Every cape looked absolutely stunning and I was amazed by how everyone added their own touch to the pattern. I can’t wait to see more capes popping up on the interwebs!

You can download the Fairy Tale Cape pattern here.

The first Fairy Tale Cape I want to share was made by Lisa (all photo credit goes to her):Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

The Fairy Tale Cape Pattern

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by thisblogisnotforyou.comI really do love this pattern, it is so refreshing to see something so different and unusual but as the same time feminine and useful. It was crazy easy to sew together, and overall a very enjoyable project with many possibilities for embellishment and personalisation.

- Hannah


Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

Really cosy cape. Great to travel in – as its smart like a coat, but snuggly like a blanket, love the freedom to move around in!

- Lisa

Helloo best people in the world!

Attention, attention! (my first pattern will be released this week!)

Good day, my dear sewing friends!

I hope you’re doing well, because I’m totally freaking out at the moment!

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

My Fairy Tale Cape pattern is back from spending the last four weeks with my lovely pattern tester gang and is almost ready for release. There are some bits and pieces left to do and minor changes to make and as if my schedule wasn’t busy enough I decided to release the pattern this Friday. This friggin’ Friday. Breaaaathe. This is not just for masochistic reasons, but also to keep myself from procrastinating and doing just about anything else but working on the pattern.

Adding Piping to Pockets and Waistband

Hello, hello! I actually wanted to write this blogpost yesterday, but I HAD TO WATCH THE SEWING BEE! Seriously, how can one not love this show?

Kelly Skirt by

Anyhow, I thought I might share how I made and added some piping to the Kelly Skirt. This tutorial is a very basic one, so if you already know everything about piping you can read this, this or this instead.

Adding piping to seams is a very easy but effective way of adding some trim to a garment. Piping can be flat or corded. For my Kelly Skirt, I used twine and contrasting bias binding to make my own piping.
Adding Piping by

The Lady Skater Dress

Lady Skater dress by


I never thought I would, but I feel like I’m becoming one of these jersey junkies! I made another jersey dress last week and the whole projects was so rewarding. It was super easy, quick and the fit of the dress is amazing. The fabric was just £1.50 pm. I love jersey!!

I have three belts which go perfectly with the dress:

Lady Skater dress by thisblogisnotforyou.comLady Skater dress by thisblogisnotforyou.comLady Skater dress by

Behind The Scenes In Pictures #1

behind the scenes by thisblogisnotforyou.comThese little guys will be my new helpers when I can’t use pins, e.g. for leather or delicate fabrics. Found at Tiger in Cambridge.Behind the scenes by During our very short trip to Cambridge, I also bought these super cute wooden buttons at the market.

Behind the scenes by

Speaking of buttons, I spend my saturday evening sorting vintage buttons! I got two very large boxes of buttons from my grandma and a friend of hers. These included a lot of very cool vintage buttons, metallic, leather, mother of pearl and also a whole lot of 1960′s/1970′s plastic buttons. Woot, woot!Behind the scenes by

Two-Tone Kelly Skirt

Kelly Skirt by

Last week I made a skirt. A high-waisted skirt. With pockets. And piping. Using fabric from my stash. Nothing went wrong. Hurray!

Kelly Skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comLast summer I helped Daniela (Ela Sews And Doesn’t Sleep) pick some fabric and lining for her Kelly Skirt when we went fabric shopping to Walthamstow together. Inspired by her beautiful version I now finally made one myself. And I wore it twice already! (First time when going fabric shopping with Daniela, of course, but this time we went to Goldhawk Road!)Kelly Skirt by

27 Dresses Challenge Recap – 18 down, 9 to go!

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHello gang!

I thought today is time for a quick challenge recap. As you know I’m working hard on my 27 Dresses Challenge so I can finally go and get an overlocker. If you haven’t heard about my challenge or need a quick refresher, here’s the original blog post.

I started the challenge almost exactly a year ago and I’m still not finished. Boo! Well, but that’s mainly because I’m really strict with myself and only count garments that are made from scratch. Refashions, accessoires and toddler pinafores do not count. Neither do kitchen aprons. That would be too easy. (FYI trousers and blouses do count. If I would only count dresses it would take me decades to get that damn overlocker, dudes!!)

Leather Bag Making-Of

making-of a leather bag by thisblogisnotforyou.comHey ho!

Let me warn you – this post contains a LOT of pictures.

I always love to see what other creative people make, but what I love even more is seeing how they actually did it. Making-of posts are probably my favourites.Projecting the same onto you and assuming you like to see lots of bad pictures of unfinished stuff, I wrote up this post about how I made the leather bag from two thrifted leather coats.

Since we can’t get enough of her, here’s another before pic of this creepy beauty:Leather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by

Refashion It! Leather Coat to Leather Bag

Leather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by thisblogisnotforyou.comFinally.

After weeks of hurting fingers, broken needles and a lot of frustration, I finished my leather coat refashion. The outcome? A leather bag!

It was certainly not an easy and quick refashion project, that much I can tell you. Especially since it was my very first time sewing with real leather (rant ends here).

I found these two beauties in a thrift store a few weeks ago (6 pounds each!):
Leather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by thisblogisnotforyou.comLeather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by

(Is there a tree in my flat? Sort of.)

Hollywood Sewalong: The Notebook


Hollywood Sewalong: The Notebook by


Hellooo all you sewing and vintage lovers! I’m so excited about this post!

A Sewalong! A Sewalong series! A Hollywood movie themed Sewalong series!

After some months of emailing ideas back and forth, me and some other lovely sewing friends teamed up for a Hollywood movie themed Sewalong. Our first Sewalong movie is “The Notebook”. Love it or hate it, but the outfits worn by the character Allie Hamilton (Racheal McAdams) is just too adorable.

Hollywood Sewalong: The Notebook by

Here’s our lovely team of sewing enthusiats:

Freya from The Dressmaking Diaries

Courtney from Makesphere

Let’s Talk About Leather!

sewing with leather by thisblogisnotforyou.comThree weeks ago I sewed with real leather for the first time. And after three weeks, that brief affair is coming to an end. Two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast.

At first I loved leather. Leather smelled good. Leather looked fancy. Leather liked me. Cutting through leather was such a joy.

And then I began sewing. Marilyn* doesn’t like leather. It’s sticky (imagine going down a slide with naked buttocks, not that I have tried this!) and it’s hard to sew through when you have more than three layers. I ended up having to sew A LOT of seams by hand. Not that I don’t like that in general. I love me some monotonous hand sewing after a stressful day! BUT. Sewing leather by hand is NOT fun. After three weeks my fingers hurt. My wrists hurt and the index finger and thumb on my right hand have been trembling and twitching uncontrollably for the last three days.

Refashion It! Embroidered Shirt – Super easy project for ‘refashion beginners’

embroidered shirt by

Hi there!

I managed to squeeze in a refashion project in my crazy busy week. While watching one of the most brainless shows on German television (it was a thursday night, guess what it was :P ) I embroidered the neckline of a simple grey tee I bought for £3.50 at Primark.

As you know, I don’t go clothes shopping anymore since I prefer to re-/upcycle or sew things myself. Occasionally, I go and buy a pile of basic shirts to wear under my sleeveless dresses, though. I just did this last week and bought grey, black and navy longsleeved tees.