We need to stop making our hobbies stressful

Stop Making Your Hobby Stressful by thisblogisnotforyou.comWhen I’m not sitting behind the sewing machine, I work full-time as a psychologist. This is why I every once in a while share a mental health-related post on this blog.
Have you read “6 Reasons why sewing benefits your mental health”? – I think you might enjoy it!


Lately I’ve noticed the sewing blogs quieten down a little. All life seems to take place on Instagram nowadays, which also seems to apply to sewing blogs.

I admit it wholeheartedly – I love Instagram. And there’s nothing wrong about loving Instagram, spending time on Instagram and sharing posts with others.

A Very Happy New Year!



Happy New Year! I hope your start into 2017 was as fantastic as mine. I’m looking forward to a new year of sewing and blogging and creating my own handmade wardrobe. January will hopefully bring some tidiness into the present chaos that is my sewing space. I’m making it sound really passive, but most likely it will be some very active, serious cleaning, sorting and decluttering. It won’t be as annoying as it sounds, as going through my sewing supplies and fabric always inspires new projects.

I’ve kept my sewing New Year’s resolutions really simple this year: SEW MORE and DE-STASH.

New Pattern: Hello, Keira Cardigan!

Free Pattern! Keira Cardigan by Thisblogisnotforyou.comFree Pattern! Keira Cardigan by Thisblogisnotforyou.comFree Pattern! Keira Cardigan by Thisblogisnotforyou.com


Have you been looking for the perfect chic little cardigan to go with most of your outfits? Well, look no further! Say ‘hello’ to KEIRA, everyone! This lovely lady is the newest addition to my little pattern family! 

She is a true allrounder.

KEIRA is incredibly comfy with a wide cut around the bodice and snug sleeves for an elegant, feminine silhouette. The minimalist design will allow you to go wild with adding your own touches. Add a binding for a sleek finish or play around with decorative trim to add fun details.

6 Reasons Why Sewing Benefits Your Mental Health

Mental Health Benefits of Sewing by thisblogisnotforyou.com

This week was world mental health day. What have sewing and mental health to do with each other, you might ask?

I asked myself the same question quite a few times. Why? Some of you might know that when I’m not sitting behind the sewing machine, I work full-time as a psychologist. So naturally I’ve thought about how these two very different passions of mine might go together. Not just in theory, but also in practice. I’ve lead some sewing groups for patients in a psychiatric hospital and witnessed the wonderful effects it has on some people.

New Blog Design!

new layoutIf you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably noticed that there are some significant changes to the blog’s design! This Blog Is Not For You got a whole new look last night!

The Mr and I have been working on the new layout for the past couple of weeks and I’m super happy to launch it just after my fourth blog anniversary two weeks ago! Reaching this milestone, this blog deserved a little makeover. I really, really hope you love it as much as I do.