Green Jersey Alice Top (SEW OVER IT online class)

Sew Over It Alice Top by thisblgoisnotforyou,comSew Over It Alice Top by thisblgoisnotforyou,com

Sew Over It Alice Top by thisblgoisnotforyou,com
Sew Over It Alice Top by thisblgoisnotforyou,com

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, I got to try out the new SEW OVER IT online class ‘Intro to Sewing with Knit Fabrics’. (As always, all opinions are my own!) I’ve never really made use of online courses before. I bought a couple on Craftsy ages ago but never actually made anything from it.

When the lovely ladies over at SEW OVER IT approached me, I immediately wanted to try after getting a glimpse at the patterns included in the class. I love their work and most of my favourite patterns are from SEW OVER IT. The Alice Top, with a faux bow front, was incredibly tempting! (There’s another pattern included, the Emma dress, which looks lovely, but I haven’t tried it yet.)

Zierstoff ANIKA Dress

Zierstoff Anika Dress by thisblogisnotforyou.comZierstoff Anika Dress by thisblogisnotforyou.comZierstoff Anika Dress by

Zierstoff Anika Dress by
Zierstoff Anika Dress by

Zierstoff Anika Dress by thisblogisnotforyou.comZierstoff Anika Dress by

Hello there!

These pictures make me feels like autumn is already around the corner! But it’s actually really hot and summery here at the moment. I took these pics two weeks ago when the weather was quite cool and windy after we had a week of rainy days. Right now there’s nothing that could make me wear anything long-sleeved!

Let’s talk about the pattern!

My first pair of (Ultimate) Trousers

sew over it - ultimate trousers by

Hallo, meine Lieben! You won’t believe it! After so many years of sewing, I’ve finally made my first (wearable) pair of trousers! (Not counting any shorts I’ve made.) Traumatised by hundreds of very unhappy experiences shopping for well-fitting trousers I decided at some point that sewing trousers was very difficult and frustrating and certainly nothing I wanted to try.

A Nascha Skirt

nascha skirt by

Hey folks! Hope you had some awesome Easter Holidays! I was back home in Germany, choking on chocolates, which also explains why it’s been a bit quiet in my sewing corner. In my defense, I have made a couple of things, but  haven’t photographed any yet. Which is also partly due to my current obsession with book binding. Yeah, you’ve read right. I’ve discovered a new hobby (I am a hobby collector!) and, as always, am obsessively spending every free minute with it. No worries, my heart still belongs to my sewing machine.

A Cosy Lola Dress

Lola Dress Victory Patterns by thisblogisnotforyou.comHeeelloo lovelies!

I’m in a pretty good mood today not only because the sun’s shining and it’s my day off (hooray!) but I think I finally have my sewing mojo back. Phew. I was getting worried!
Since before Christmas I haven’t really sewn much and that wasn’t because I was lacking ideas (there will always be way too many in my head) but, to be honest, pretty much due to the fact that I just didn’t feel like sewing. Instead I read a lot and started sketching again. I haven’t done either in a while and normally I only read during break times at work or on the train. Curling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of coffee on  a rainy day is awesome!