Refashion It! Adding Uniqueness to Your Clothes with Buttons

adding buttons to simple clothes by

We are starting this week with buttons! Why? – Because everyone love buttons! (If you don’t, please leave a comment saying why!)

I will share some more crafty button ideas later on, but let’s start with refashioning some clothes (because that’s what we love as well!).

What we don’t like at all? Spending loads of money shopping just to see her with the same shirt or dress a day later.

Adding some –  fun – cute – nifty – buttons to your clothes makes them unique in only a few minutes. And you don’t need to be a seamstress to add some spice to your style. Just needle and thread – and buttons.

Especially skirts and shirts are great to refashion with a handful of pretty buttons. Here are some of my button-ideas:

adding buttons to simple clothes by

This simple tank top got sprinkled with super cute mini buttons I bought during one of my trips to Oslo. (This city has the best craft shop ever!)

adding buttons to simple clothes by


This sexy black mini skirt seemed rather plain after a while, especially because I already have a similar one. So it got some posh golden buttons. Six buttons make a lot of difference, don’t you think?

adding buttons to simple clothes by

This skirt was already pretty cute, but I (of course!) saw someone wearing it only a few days after I bought it. Which made me do what? – Add some buttons.adding buttons to simple clothes by

Two handful of silver buttons. Looks a bit more rock star now.

adding buttons to simple clothes by

This cute skirt had done nothing wrong. It got some buttons anyway. I picked buttons in different sizes and in the same colours as the hearts/keys/locks. (To add more cuteness to the cuteness)

More button ideas coming up soon!


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10 thoughts on “Refashion It! Adding Uniqueness to Your Clothes with Buttons

  1. Hallo Charly,
    wir werden eine kleine Fimo-Knopf-Produktion starten, weil wir immer mal welche brauchen und uns die Dinger auf Dauer zu teuer sind. Soll ich ab und zu mal einen zurücklegen?
    LG, Carola

  2. Tatsächlich kenne ich ein paar Leute mit Knopfphobie …da ich nicht dazu gehöre, finde ich deine Ideen aber auch prima – vor allem das erste Top! 🙂

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