Fantastic Mr Fox – Easy Autumn Cushion Covers

cushion covers fox by thisblogisnotforyou.comIn order to get over my end-of-summer blues I decided to embrace autumn and make some new seasonal cushion covers for our shabby sofa.

I found this cute fox & triangle fabric when I went fabric shopping in Bath last months.It’s a printed woven, 80% Cotton & 20% Polyester. I immediately knew I couldn’t live without buying some and two new cushion covers came to mind. It wasn’t a bargain, so I bought 0.5m (140cm wide), guesstimating that it would be just enough for our two cushions.

cushion covers fox by

I bought the fabric in Bath, but I also found it on, where you can get it for £9.00/m. It was the same in Bath, so I ended up paying £4.50, which isn’t too bad for two cushion covers.

I didn’t have a pattern or particular plan for making the cushion covers. For easier sewing projects like these I normally just like to wing it. It didn’t have spare zips, so I went with buttons. For each cover I cut out a square (40x40cm) and two rectangle with the same width, one slightly longer than the other. The rectangles overlapped by approximately 7cm. First I sewed the top and bottom seams, sewing together all three rectangles to one large rectangle. I overlocked and hemmed the overlapping parts by folding over the edges by 2cm and machine-stitching the hem. After hemming (making sure the foxes weren’t upside down!) I sewed the side seams. At first, I wasn’t thinking and the back panels overlapped the wrong way around (bottom panel over top panel), so I had to redo the side seams. Apart from that everything came together very quickly and I was finished in no time.

cushion covers fox by thisblogisnotforyou.comcushion covers fox by thisblogisnotforyou.comEach cushion has 4 buttonholes and buttons. I sewed all seams with the overlocker with 1cm seam allowance. Since I only had 0.5m of fabric I really had to cut the fabric carefully and had to keep the seam allowance quite narrow.

I really love my new cushion covers, and even the Mr said that they’re cute! The only negative thing I have to say about the fabric is that it wrinkles quite easily. I pressed everything after sewing, but already saw new creases after attaching the buttons. Well, I don’t care too much about wrinkle-free cushions, so it’s not that bad after all.cushion covers fox by

What do you think? Are foxes the new owls? (If you ask me, they definitely are!)

Have you made anything seasonal yet?

Happy sewing!


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3 thoughts on “Fantastic Mr Fox – Easy Autumn Cushion Covers

  1. Those cushion covers are fab, just what you need to fight the autumn blues. I have severe fabric envy, I might check out the website you mentioned …

  2. Hey Charlie,
    love this fabric too! And I love your cushion covers, they are really cute. Love the buttons as well. Such a clever idea! Much easier than a zip.
    I actually am totally in love with this base colour of the fabric, also has other fabrics in the same style with different patterns and I love them all.


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