Pleated Skirt with Vintage Trim and Detachable Suspenders

May I present…? #7 of my 27 Dresses Challenge!

I really didn’t plan to make this fun vintage-style pleated skirt with suspenders. I was admiring Debi’s newest vintage make  last week – a beautiful blouse with the prettiest vintage trim the world has seen.
While I was still marvelling at the trim, I stumbled upon Cloth Magazine’s facebook page where they advertised their newest issue – including 2m of exactly the trim Debi had used for her blouse – the swooping swallows.

Well, you know what happened then 😉

Here are some picture with suspenders on and off – and drizzle instead of sun. London, baby!

I made this skirt without a pattern. This time I didn’t forget to take pictures of the process. Meaning what? YES!

There’s a tutorial coming up sooooon, very soon 😉

All you need to do until then is pick 1,5m of pretty fabric and get the Cloth vintage trim or whatever trim you want to use for your skirt.

Cutest trim ever, right? I’d love to have more of it, but I seriously don’t need more than one magazine :)

Who’s in and wants to make this cute skirt?

9 thoughts on “Pleated Skirt with Vintage Trim and Detachable Suspenders

  1. Wow, that is absolutely stunning! Think I need to go out and buy Cloth magazine right now and choose some nice fabric to eagerly await further instructions…

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