The Fairy Tale Cape Pattern

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by thisblogisnotforyou.comI really do love this pattern, it is so refreshing to see something so different and unusual but as the same time feminine and useful. It was crazy easy to sew together, and overall a very enjoyable project with many possibilities for embellishment and personalisation.

– Hannah


Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

Really cosy cape. Great to travel in – as its smart like a coat, but snuggly like a blanket, love the freedom to move around in!

– Lisa

Helloo best people in the world!

I’m so excited right now I don’t even know what to write, so I’ll make it really short!
After weeks and weeks of drafting, sewing, testing and going through a lot of feedback by my lovely pattern tester gang, my first PDF pattern is now officially published for download.

The Fairy Tale Cape pattern is a ‘Pay As You Wish’ pattern. You can download it for free or donate whatever amount you feel is appropiate.

You can find more information on the pattern and the download link  ♥ HERE ♥

The pattern is also perfect for beginners. The pattern pieces are quick to cut and sew and the illustrated instructions are very detailed.

There will be sew-along and tutorial blog posts coming up in the near future. These tutorials will include instructions on how to sew variations of this pattern, add a lining or buttonholes.

I will share some of the capes that my pattern testers made in the next few days – So keep your eyes peeled!

Happy Sewing!

Stay in touch!

10 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Cape Pattern

  1. I think you are amazing and brilliant, and incredibly generous to offer this pattern as a pay as you like! I’m debating if I should pin it to my free patterns board, or my patterns to buy board. I guess both?! Very cute illustrations 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Amy 🙂 It’s both free & pay as you wish, so feel free to pin it to both 🙂 I did this because I personally love free/inexpensive sewing patterns – at the same time being able to donate the cost of an coffee is a nice way to say thanks if one wants to 🙂

    1. Thank you, Donna! Yes, I do have many many plans for more patterns, but it will surely take me a while 😉

  2. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try out this pattern. I’m pretty poor at the moment but when my student finance comes I will try to remember to donate a little 😀

  3. Hi! Can I just say: Thank you that people like you exist! For so long, I wanted to learn how to sew. I made a pencil case the other day, but I was stuborn and bought another fabric and it turned out not so fantasticly. So… I was wondering, what fabric did you use? I can not wait to start making this and thank you that people like you exist! Cause now I can finally start sewing without taking lessons. Before I start making it.. Could you send or post a photo of how it turned out? Have a nice day love xx

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