The Gang’s Capes – Rachael

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

This is Rachael’s version of the Fairy Tale Cape! Isn’t it fabulous? I think it’s a real showstopper! She used purple velvet as her main fabric and decided to make it floor-length and to line the hood.

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

You know what this cape reminds me of? 

I haven’t seen the movie yet (I’m only into the old Disney movies – Hakuna Matata, guys!) but I’ve seen enough pictures lately to immediately think of Elsa’s (?) cape in Frozen when I saw Rachael’s version.

You really need to have the balls to wear something as bold as this and I admire everyone who has! It’s a great cape for a special occasion. This Fairy Tale Cape lives up to its name!

It looks so comfy and I’d love to wear it walking through a snowy forest in winter! (Somebody buy me a horse pleaaaase?)
Fairy Tale Cape pattern by thisblogisnotforyou.comFairy Tale Cape pattern by

Great job, Rachael! Hope you have a lot of fun with your cape! x

If you’d like to make your own amazing version – you can download the pattern here!

Happy sewing!

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