Featuring You: Daniela from Ela Sews And Doesn’t Sleep

featuring you ela sews and doesnt sleep by thisblogisnotforyou.comHi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Sabrina’s feature! I’m very excited about the feature today, as I’ve met this little lady in real life! 🙂 I met her at a London blogger meet up and was delighted to have found a fellow German seamstress living in London! Pretty cool, eh? You will be surprised when you learn that she just recently started blogging – you absolutely can’t tell! Her blog, her pictures and her makes are amazing and if you’re a big fan of sewing, quilting, knitting or guinea pigs – you must check out this blog!

Meringue Skirt and Sorbetto Top.

Featuring You: Sabrina from Wolves in London

featuring you sabrina wolves in london by thisblogisnotforyouHi my lovely readers! It’s Featuring You time again – this time I’m happy to introduce a very skilled lady, who loves sewing, knitting, gardening, etc., makes use of beautiful vintage prints and has the most swoon-worthy garden mood boards on earth. If you love flowers, fabric, a great sense of humour and beautiful photographs – this blog is definitely for you!

Featuring You: Freya May from the Dressmaking Diaries!

Featuring you Freya May by thisblogisnotforyou.comHello my lovely readers! Today I will be featuring Freya May, a great seamstress and all-round talent. Besides sewing, she loves all things creative: knitting, writing, drawing, baking etc. and in the meantime is working on her MA dissertation! Sounds familiar? Her blog is about everything I love doing myself. (I wish you’d live closer to London, Freya May! Hehe.) – Well, luckily, I just finished my dissertation!  I’ve been following her blog for quite a while now and hope you will, too! 

Featuring You: Hannah from “Made with Hugs and Kisses”

Featuring Made with Hugs and Kisses by thisblogisnotforyouThanks everyone for your lovely responses to last weeks Featuring You guest post by Amy from SewsNBows!

This week, I’m very happy to introduce this very versatile and chic young lady to you: Hannah. I’ve been a follower of hers for quite a while now and am totally on love with everything she makes. If you love vintage clothing, girly dresses and everything that’s cute – prepare yourself for this lovely sewing blogger!

Well Hello There! My name is Hannah Smith and I blog over at Made with Hugs and Kisses where I share my obsession with sewing and all things creative.

Featuring you: Amy from SewsNBows.com

featuring you_Amy by thisblogisnotforyou.comHi everyone! I’m happy to introduce my new blog series FEATURING YOU to you guys today! The series starts off with one of my absolute favourite bloggers: Amy from SewsNBows! I came across her blog earlier this year and since then couldn’t stop marvelling at her projects! She’s also been one of my constant readers and always the first one to leave a lovely comment!

Clear the stage for… *dramatic drum roll* …AMY!


Hi! My name is Amy, and I’m the nut who blogs at SewsNBows. I’m surprised and flattered that Charlie invited me over! I’m going to try real hard not to bore you to death 🙂