The Fairy Tale Cape

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

This stylish double-breasted cape has a large hood which drapes wonderfully around the head and gives the cape a romantic and fairytale-like appearance. This cape will keep you warm and comfy, while looking like a diva. It can be combined with a variety of outfits – cute dresses, pencil skirts or skinny jeans and high heels.

The simple cut of the cape is the secret of its graceful lines and incredibly chic look.

Depending on the choice of fabric it can be worn as a cardigan or coat.

The simple cut also allows for a range of variations. You can remove the hood, add buttonholes or arm slits, alter the hemline and play around with different fabrics and patterns.

Fairy Tale Cape pattern by

This pattern has been made for you in a lovingly detailed manner. It includes hand illustrated step-by-step instructions, cutting layouts, information about notions, fabric requirement and directions on printing & assembling the PDF pattern.

This pattern is a ‘Pay As You Wish’ pattern. You can download it for free or donate whatever amount you feel is appropiate.

Download: 001 Fairy Tale Cape Pattern

♥♥♥ If you appreciate all the care and love that was put into this pattern and would like me to make more in the future, why not support me by making a donation? ♥♥♥

Happy Sewing!

43 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Cape

  1. This cape looks beautiful and versatile. I would like to download it and leave a donation but would prefer to use PayPal. Do you have this facility? Thanks.

    1. Hey – glad to hear you like the cape! On the bottom of the page is a ‘donate’ button which links to a PayPal page! x

  2. I would love to make this cape but I’m always a skeptical when it says “one-size-fits-all” or “one size fits most”. There has to be a size range.

    1. I would say that the recommended sizes for this cape are UK 8-14, which doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t fit a size 6 or 16. But as long as you’re in that size range it shouldn’t be a problem. Hope that helps!

      1. Is a UK 8-14 the same as an Australian 8-14? Really want to make this but i’m an Aussie 14 and worried it will be too small? Also, is there a sewalong available? Thanks, K x

  3. I would love to make this for my grand daughter but I have to plead my case by making a trial cape out of muslin and see if it is a go. If it is a go I will gladly make a donation

  4. Hi, I was so happy when I came across this page, as this is EXACTLY like the cape I’ve been planning to make.
    Have you created a tutorial on how to include the arm slits? I couldn’t spot it on your website.
    Thank you.

  5. Love the cape. Would like to make one for my daughter (size 18) and me (size 22). Would it be fairly easy to increase the lovely cape that is shown? Thank you for sharing your interesting patterns.

    1. As there aren’t many seams, I think it’s fairly easy. To increase the size in a very simple way you could slash the pattern from shoulder seam to hem and spread it out a bit and re-draw the lines. It’s not super exact, but it works in case the shoulders are not wide enough or the cape’s fit is a bit tight.

    1. You can try the slash and spread method described in the instructions. To be on the safe side, always make a muslin first to adjust the fit. Good luck!

  6. Could you redo this pattern for inches for American use? I never was good at these kinds of conversions. My mother was a wonderful seamstress. She passed away 2 years ago and left some beautiful herringbone wool that I would love to make this cape out of.

  7. Wonderful cape pattern, thank you for publishing it for free. I have donated, so make sure you get a nice slice of cake on me!

    Can you give a date on when the lining tutorial will be up?


  8. Bonjour ! J’aime beaucoup votre adorable patron et j’aimerai confectionner cette petite cape et vous adresser un don l’ai téléchargé.mais je ne peux pas ouvrir le “fichier car il est endommagé et ne peut pas être réparé “…. :-(((
    Que faire ?? Y a t il une solution ??
    Je vous remercie de votre réponse !!

    1. That’s weird! I haven’t heard of this problem before. Have you tried downloading it again and opening it with a different programme maybe? Hope it works! x

  9. Hello, I love the look of your patterns, especially the illustrations and design. I will be purchasing the Hepburn dress pattern. I wondered if I could ask you where you learnt pattern drafting? Did you take any particular courses or are you self taught? I’m looking into courses myself at the moment! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Cerian. Thanks! I’m all self-taught. I use a mix of draping and flat pattern drafting for making my patterns, depending on the garment. There are some really good books for pattern drafting and fit out there. I try to get my hands on books that are used in fashion schools and drafting courses. I can really recommend the Patternmaking for Fashion Design (5th Edition) by Helen Joseph Armstrong if you want to get a detailed overview. x

  10. Hi, I want to download this adorable pattern & leave a donation too. So I clicked the DONATE button….the PayPal site that it links to is all in German though. I don’t understand what it is saying to me because I only speak/read English.

    1. I am really sorry! I have tested this and it’s English for me. I googled it and other people experience this problem sometimes when the pay pal account is registered in a different country (mine is registered in Germany). Sometimes this randomly happens and PayPal hasn’t found a way to let you fix this 🙁 The only thing you could try and do is to let your browser translate the page. PayPal itself is pretty straightforward to use, especially if you have an account. So this might help! If it doesn’t work, just download the pattern anyway! 🙂 x

  11. I made one almost identical to this back in the 60’s as a teenager but without the hood. It was black and white plaid with lining and the same identical arm holes. I made pants to match (bell bottoms naturally!) Love your illustrations too!

  12. I am wanting to make a cape style of bathrobe for my 10 year old granddaughter who is growing fast. I have a fluffy-furry looking fabric in lavender as well as a pale lavender satin for reversible side. I was considering where the arm slits are, including a pocket accessible from either side.

    I have a couple of concerns, however:
    1. How will the closure be affected by making it as a reversible cape?
    2. Am I going to run into trouble lengthening it sufficiently to keep her warm?
    3. Question: Are the buttons making a permanent closure or does the cape open in front?

    Thank you so much for this elegant pattern!


    1. 1. You probably wouldn’t even need a closure. The opening for the head should be large enough for a little girl. 2. Lengthening is very easy and described within the pattern. 3. The cape doesn’t open in the front, but you could use the pattern to create one that does.

      I hope that helps, Patrice! x

  13. hello
    i love this cape, i want to be longer , how can i do that ? can you help me ?
    also i will donate for your beautiful cape pattern <3

  14. Beautiful cape. Now that the holidays are over I can start back on doing some stuff for myself. This pattern is now at the top of intended projects. As soon as my bank account recovers a bit from the holidays I will certainly click that donate button. I read through, thank you for making it so straightforward.

  15. I sure wished I knew how to download, so I could get your pattern. I have been wanting a cape for so long. I would send you money for the pattern too, but I don’t know how to do that either. Oh well, I keep hoping that someone could teach this old dog new tricks but I can’t catch the ones who can & the ones who can’t , well. Anyhow I’ve really enjoyed your pattern. You are very good at what you do. Grama B. 76 yrs. and seeing all the things being done on my computer keeps me going. I always make a Christmas dress for my Great Granddaughter, and I made five handbags for children and Granddaughter, seven fleece blankets for various family members and a lap quilt for an old high school friend. Someday, the Lord willing, I will be able to make myself that cape. Yours Truly

  16. I’m an aussie size 16 ….so i’m going to download and check it out.
    Will donate if i make it.
    It does look beautiful though!!

  17. need to know 3 things

    1 – will the pattern be in English
    2 – went to the Donate button but could not translate the euros into US dollars don’t know how much to put in for say 5.00 dollars
    3- pattern print out??

    1. Hi Stacey! Yes, the pattern is in English and you can print it on your printer at home. The PDF includes instructions on how to do that so the scaling stays correct. I’m sorry about you having problems with the donate button. Usually it should come up in your own currency. I’m afraid if it doesn’t you might have have google calculate the right amount. But feel free to download the pattern without donating, if you do not feel ok about it 🙂 happy sewing!!

  18. After looking for a while, this pattern seems like its going to be the best…fit for the project I have planned. Might be a bit small for me, but if I ever get around to actually making it, I can always give it to someone else- maybe my brother in law? Or maybe someone on a local Facebook group woulsnt mind it (though not selling, because it may not end up that great XD)

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