10 things i love: star wars

ten things i love_star wars

 The 10 things i love is back after a little break and it’s all about Star Wars this week!

Here you find 10 wonderful Star Wars themed things I absolutely fell in love with:


#1 Ewok necklace

ewok necklace etsy

This necklace is cuteness overload! It’s sold by  jenkiddo on Etsy.


#2 Star Wars heels

hand-painted Star Wars Heels

Seriously, they would be mine in a second if they weren’t so incredibly expensive (That’s because they are hand-painted!)
If you want to spend 200-300 Dollar on those heels, you can get them from eastbaycalifornia on Etsy.


#3 Star Wars dresses

retro star wars dresses

I’m literally obsessed with these DIY retro Star Wars dresses.
It’s just so hard to find reasonably priced Star Wars fabric. These are made from vintage bed sheets or curtains I already tried to find via Ebay and Amazon, but people seem to charge a massive amount of money for used bed sheets.

If you want to spare yourself the trouble, you can custom order dresses here on etsy!


#4 Star Wars cufflinks

I think these cufflinks are adorable. You can get them on Amazon.


#5 Darth Vader hair dryer

darth vader hairdryer

A design by Tembolat Gugkaev.


#6 Star Wars amigurumi DIY

Star wars DIY
source: http://www.geeksugar.com

You can find crochet patterns of these cute Star Wars characters (and also other cuties) on Etsy.

Star wars crochet DIY


 #7 Star Wars cupcakes

Star wars cupcakes
source: http://nerdstink.com

I would probably feel bad eating one of these cupcakes. Yummy!


#8 Star Wars paper snowflakes

DIY Star wars Snowflakes
source: http://manmadediy.com

You can find the tutorial here.


#9 Star Wars edition of Angry Birds

Angry birds star wars

I do not have many games on my smartphone, but I recently downloaded Angry Birds Star Wars – it’s SO MUCH fun. My favourite Angry Birds game so far.


#10 Star Wars origami

star wars origami
source: /www.geeksandcom.com

I tried a similar Yoda origami last year and it turned out great. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the picture I took of it. Origami is so much fun. Star Wars origami is even more fun!

There are loads and loads of free instructions online!

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