Beanie, mittens and scarf: lace and cable pattern

knitted beanie, mittens and scarf by

Hi everyone! Hope your all having a wonderful Christmas season.

As you can see in the pics it’s way too warm and sunny for December here in the UK and Germany. Well, I won’t complain. I’m pretty sure it will get very cold soon enough.

Anyway, expecting somewhat colder weather I was busy knitting myself a new scarf, mittens and a beanie on time for Christmas season. I actually finished this a month ago, but didn’t have time to take decent pictures. Well, here they are!

knitted beanie, mittens and scarf by

This was my first try at knitting and I knitted the scarf first using a fairly simple lace and cable pattern. I’m really glad that I used quite an ambitous pattern for my first knit, now I know how to work a cable as well as a lace pattern. I first started with a simple stocking stitch, but this became way too boring too soon. One major mistake I made was knitting ALL the knits tbl (through the back loop), but you barely see the difference so it wasn’t too bad after all. But I have no idea why I did this. Should have read my Knitting for Beginners Book more closely I guess.

I used self-striping wool (for 7-8mm needles, 50g/90m) and circular 8mm needles. I used 5 balls of wool for the scarf, about 1.5 for the owl mittens and 1.5 balls for the beanie.knitted beanie, mittens and scarf by

I actually made these owl mittens from Mollie Makes twice, this time for myself. I love them, although I have to wear a pair of gloves underneath as these are not warm enough for the cold and misty London mornings.knitted beanie, mittens and scarf by

I struggled whether to knit the scarf into a loop or not. In the end I decided to knit a normal scarf (40 cm x 180 cm) and added two buttons on the bottom. Using the holes of the lace pattern, this allows me to wear it like a loop scarf if I want to.knitted beanie, mittens and scarf by

Or, alternatively, like this:knitted beanie, mittens and scarf by

I actually had to knit the beanie twice…the first one was way too big and instead of starting all over again, I (silly silly me!) decided to wash it at 60° hoping it would become smaller. Haha. Smaller it was, but it also looked very, very awful and felted (of course!).

Well, I had to order new wool and made a new one which now fits perfectly.knitted beanie, mittens and scarf by

I made up the pattern for the beanie myself, as I couldn’t find one that matched my scarf.

Since it’s Christmas time, I’m working on a downloadable FREE PDF version of this pattern for you! So keep your eyes peeled!

Have a wonderful, happy Christmas!


Ps: I guess you’re all eventually getting annoyed by the knitting posts. No worries guys, I finished some sewing projects and am just about to write up the posts 😉 More sewing coming up soon, I promise :-*

3 thoughts on “Beanie, mittens and scarf: lace and cable pattern

  1. I love the colors you chose! I don’t get tired of looking at knit and crochet projects. Idont know how to do it, so I can’t say much except how much I like it! But I can appreciate all things handmade; and these are beautiful:)

  2. Wowsers – people who knit AND sew aways make me a little envious. This is a stunningly gorgeous set – I love the colours, the textures and the pattern! It suits you wonderfully, and I hope you gets lots of wear from it!

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