like fireflies in december [DIY advent calendars]

#1 overflowing waterfall Advent calendar

I got this one this year. I’m still overwhelmed. Can you believe what was in there this morning (1st Dec)? A second smaller Advent calendar with 24 different tea bags. Calender-ception!

#2 pillow case into Advent calender

This one I made for my parents last year. It was a last minute project (yeah, December comes after November, I should start to remember that…).
It took a few hours, since I sewed the whole thing myself. It’s basically made from two pillow cases, one brown, one red and small pieces of white cloth.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make many pictures during the process, but it’s fairly easy to explain:

1. Cut one of the pillow cases in half, so one part still has the zipper/fastening part on it. Take that part and close the now open end. (Open the zipper, turn the pillow case inside out, sew right sides together, turn again.)

This way you end up having a narrow pillow case/ bag I used as “door” for Dec 6, St. Nicholas’ Day and also attach the other bags. It was big enough to put a magazine in there and some bigger chocolates.

2. Cut out little fabric square and write the numbers on them (I used fabric paint – makes it more permanent).

3. Cut out rectangle pieces for the “doors”/ little bags. Sew the numbers on before you sew the bags. Makes it much easier.

4. Don’t forget to include the strings so you can close the little bags.

5. Sew some cute buttons on the pillow case / bag 6 to attach the other bags. Make two buttonholes for the calendar to be hung up.

6. Fill with whatever you want.

7. Put everything together.

#3 more cute Advent calendar DIY ideas

1. Advent calendar that’s been refilled every year – some bags lost on the way…

Why not use all kinds of different socks and bags? I love the “patchwork” idea!

2. burlap activity countdown calendar

Optimal for filling with time.

3. matchbox Advent found at Matha Stewart

4. envelope calendar – found at Design Sponge

5. paper bag Advent calendar by lovely things

Simple, yet beautiful.

6. Christmas ornament calendar by life as a thrifter

nice idea for everyone who has too many ornaments lying around in boxes…

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