10 things i love: handmade gifts

The 10 things i love this week is all about DIY/handmade gifts! For all crafters out there that are still looking for christmas gift ideas!
I personally love giving people handmade gifts. Personal, individual and unique gifts are the best, don’t you think? At least from what I experienced, my friends/family love beautifully made DIY much more than things you simply buy. And as the following gift ideas/tutorials show you, it can be so easy and inexpensive!

#1 cute ear warmers 

very easy tutorial by deliacreates

#2 teacup lights

tutorial by marthastewart

#3 upcycled DIY hair comb

tutorial by lemonjitters

#4 sweet spoons

tutorial by deliciousdelicousdelicous

#5 gingerbread playdough

tutorial by sweetsugarbelle

#6 rosmary flavoured olive oil

tutorial by thisblogisnotforyou (yeah that’s me!)

#7 handmade magnets

tutorial by papervinenz 

#8 toiletry travel bag

tutorial by sew4home

#9 macrame bracelet

tutorial by honestlywtf

 #10 bird nest necklaces

tutorial by sarahhortega

13 thoughts on “10 things i love: handmade gifts

  1. Once upon a time (long long ago)… I made macrame: net bags, hanging baskets, bags, … and now (more than 30 years later) there are macrame bracelets. But I like it 🙂
    And I like the other things too.
    LG from Germany, Carola

  2. I LOVE the teacup candle idea–have always wanted to do that. I only want clean-burning candles like soy candles these days, so wouldn’t use paraffin, but I’ve heard there are soy wax beads you can buy and melt down!

    1. I fell in love with the teacup candles as well, but unfortunately I don’t have any nice looking porcelain cups. Maybe after the next trip to the flea market… 🙂 Soy wax beads sound like a good idea!

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