New Blog Design!

new layoutIf you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably noticed that there are some significant changes to the blog’s design! This Blog Is Not For You got a whole new look last night!

The Mr and I have been working on the new layout for the past couple of weeks and I’m super happy to launch it just after my fourth blog anniversary two weeks ago! Reaching this milestone, this blog deserved a little makeover. I really, really hope you love it as much as I do.

I finally had to say goodbye to the hand-drawn header to make way for a much more modern, cleaner look. There have only been minimal changes to the structure, so you should find your way around this blog quite easily.

It takes a little while for all the minor changes to be implemented, so some photos might still look a bit off for the next few days. I am working on making sure that everything is looking right, so do bear with me.

Things might look a bit funny in some of the old posts, I won’t be able to edit all of them!  The recent and new content should be fine. If you spot anything that doesn’t look right or doesn’t seem to be working, please give me a shout!



Happy sewing!


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