Blogging and sewing resolutions for 2014

resolutions 2014 by thisblogisnotforyou.comI enjoyed reading all these resolution lists last week, and since one of my sewing/blogging resolutions is “Make Lists & Plan Projects ahead”, I thought it would be a good start to begin the year with my own list of “re-sewlutions”.

      • Make Lists & Plan Projects Ahead
      • Organise Patterns & Fabrics
      • Take Part In The Stash Diet (instead of buying and hoarding!)
      • Draft More Patterns (at least one every two months!)
      • Publish A Pattern On The Blog
      • Sew A Winter Coat
      • Sew A Chanel-style Jacket
      • Sew Menswear
      • Learn & Improve New Skills:
        Practise fitting & grading patterns & making alterations
        Learn more about couture sewing techniques
      • Actually Read All The Sewing Books You Bought
      • Take The Time & Dedication For A Better Outcome

My overall goal is to never stop progressing. I think one can always do better. I try this by challenging myself with every project, trying more complicated patterns and not being afraid of working with difficult fabrics. I almost never sew something twice.

The hard part really is to stop being impatient and dissatisfied with your own progress and to keep going even if you fail.

Well, let’s hope I can tick off most of these things on the list in 12 months! I’ve met up with Daniela from Ela Sews and Doesn’t Sleep last weekend and she showed me how to fit a pattern with tissue pattern. So I sort of started working on that list!

    Let me know your thoughts and your own New Year’s re-sewlutions!

Happy Sewing!

Stay in touch!

7 thoughts on “Blogging and sewing resolutions for 2014

  1. Hehe, I haven’t touched my fitted tissues since then, because I have to buy fabric to make the dress we fitted and I am stash dieting as well 🙂 My goals are similar to yours (surprise 😛 ) and I also have “Sew A Winter Coat, Sew A Jacket, and Sew Menswear” on my list. However, I can start these only, after I have reduced my stash fabric a bit. Are you making the winter coat for next season? Or are you trying to squeeze it in now? 2 more month to go 🙂

    1. Thanks Freya! I loved your list! You had very specifiy and achievable goals I very much liked. Good luck with it!

  2. Sounds like some pretty darn good and practically achievable goals for the next 11.5 months! But…. publish a PATTERN? Whoa girl! That’s ambitious in my world. Goodluck to you 🙂

    1. Thanks! Well, publish on this blog. It will still be a lot of work grading, scanning and editing everything which scares me a bit. But that’s the reason why I want to do it. To be less scared next time 😛

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