Reversible Tie-Side Pinafore: Say Hello to Little Dress Kits!

***WARNING: The following post contains so much cuteness that it might blow your socks off!***

Little Dress Kits Review by

I’m super excited to present my very first review to you! The lovely Katie from contacted me recently and asked whether I wanted to review one of her lovely sewing kits. Of course! Her sewing kits are just adorable and range from Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 3 (Advanced).

I know that many of my readers who follow my blog don’t sew themselves, but really want to learn how to sew and don’t know were to start. That’s why I chose to review a Level 1 kit. I just wanted to see how easy it really was!

…It is super easy!

(And no – big no!- it’s absolutely not boring for someone who is used to sewing more advanced patterns! I had so much fun with the Pinafore kit that I made another one the same day!)

Little Dress Kits Review by

The kit contains everything you need (well, except for the sewing machine 😉 ). But even if you don’t have one, you could sew it by hand with a little patience.

The fabric is gorgeous lightweight cotton, matching thread and buttons included!

The best thing: Not only are the pattern pieces already cut out (seam allowance included!!) but: they come on adhesive paper – how cool is that? I’ve never seen something like this before, but now I wish every pattern was like this! You need no pins or pattern weights. You simply stick the pattern to the fabric, cut around it – done! (After cutting out the pattern four times, it was still sticky!)

Little Dress Kits Review by

It’s really great for beginners because you really don’t have to worry about seam allowance, fabric slipping away or tracing patterns. All you have to do is cut and sew!

The kit includes an instruction booklet, which is very clear and explains all the sewing terminology in a very simple way. Therefore, you also learn a bit about sewing techniques and terms while following the instructions. There are many pictures to guide you through the process, every step is carefully explained and won’t leave you clueless as many other pattern instructions do.

Little Dress Kits Review by

Isn’t it super cute? And the best thing: it is reversible! If baby decides to play Bob Ross with food on its shirt, you can simply switch sides before going on a playdate with Prince George. Voilá!

Little Dress Kits Review by

Little Dress Kits Review by thisblogisnotforyou.comLittle Dress Kits Review by

Little Dress Kits Review by

I normally don’t sew baby clothes – I’m neither a mom nor an auntie and I don’t have many friends with babies. But for my studies I’ve been doing a mother-infant observation and this is the perfect farewell gift for the end of term!

To sum up, I really loved the Little Dress Kit! I think it’s perfect for beginners as well as advanced sewing enthusiasts. You can use the pattern as often as you want and try different versions using all sorts of fabrics.

Little Dress Kits also has really cute kits and patterns for boys. Make sure to check out their blog and shop!

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2 thoughts on “Reversible Tie-Side Pinafore: Say Hello to Little Dress Kits!

  1. Oh my gosh that is cute! I’m blown away by the sticky patterns. I think it would make a good Christmas present for my little girl…she’s getting into sewing. My friends mom also bought a machine and wants to get into sewing too.

  2. Hi Charlie,
    thx you for your participation in our link-party.
    These clothes are cute, awesome and wonderful :-). I like it! But there are no little children in my family/ kinship 🙁
    LG, Carola

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