Christmas DIYs

Hi everyone,

In case you missed last years Christmas DIY posts, here’s a short recap! Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to do anything like that this year, but there will be some sewing projects coming up soon!

If you’re into origami or you’d like to try, check out my 3D paper star tutorial!


Two easy candle DIYs!

If you’re having guests staying at your house during the Christmas season, you might enjoy this bedtime candy DIY!

10 things i love: DIYs to try before christmas

#1  Hot Chocolate paper cups

Hot Chocolate paper cups – Adorable!

#2 Felt pine cones

Just follow the link for pattern and instructions!

#3 DIY Button Christmas card

So simple and adorable!

#4 year-round ornaments

Why not try making these posh-looking ornaments?

#5 Easy made advent calendar

Very minimalistic yet beautiful. I love the idea! Made by A Few Things From My Life.

#6 Oranges and cloves

Classic orange and cloves Christmas decor!

#7 Hand-made Christmas tree

Found this here.

#8 Hot chocolate dippers

the brightest star in the sky [3D paper star tutorial]

I promised to post some low budget christmas decor tutorials. Here’s the first:

How to make a 3D paper star:

But one of my ‘by the way’s first. If you’re looking for a book to read or christmas gift, Marian Keyes novel “The Brightest Star in the Sky” might be worth checking out. I ‘accidentally’ bought it at the airport and read it. Normally it’s not a book I’d grab, but I rather liked it. The characters are pretty awesome and so is the story for the most part. But I hated the end. It ruined the whole thing. So if you’re someone who never finishes the book they started reading, it’s perfect.