10 things i love: DIYs to try before christmas

#1  Hot Chocolate paper cups

Hot Chocolate paper cups – Adorable!

#2 Felt pine cones

Just follow the link for pattern and instructions!

#3 DIY Button Christmas card

So simple and adorable!

#4 year-round ornaments

Why not try making these posh-looking ornaments?

#5 Easy made advent calendar

Very minimalistic yet beautiful. I love the idea! Made by A Few Things From My Life.

#6 Oranges and cloves

Classic orange and cloves Christmas decor!

#7 Hand-made Christmas tree

Found this here.

#8 Hot chocolate dippers

thinkgarnish has a short decription of how to make those! Yummy!

#9 Paper snow flakes!

by justsomethingimade.com

I found a cute little and fairly simple tutorial.
And here are patterns for more advanced snow flake cutting.

If you’re really enthusiastic and patient it could end up like this:

by vintagejunky.com

#10 Cute knitted/crocheted mug cozies

I couldn’t find the original link, just a link to etsy, but lizspinspiration blogged about this and tried making some herself. I think I have to go find some wool…


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