Christmas DIYs

Hi everyone,

In case you missed last years Christmas DIY posts, here’s a short recap! Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to do anything like that this year, but there will be some sewing projects coming up soon!

If you’re into origami or you’d like to try, check out my 3D paper star tutorial!


Two easy candle DIYs!

If you’re having guests staying at your house during the Christmas season, you might enjoy this bedtime candy DIY!

If you want to make your Christmas gift tags look a little bit more special this year, check out this fun idea of printing on cotton!

Everyone loves chocolates! This is super easy, quick and fun and a great present to bring when you’re invited to dinner during the Christmas season. And it only takes 15 minutes to make!

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Christmas gift tags

I finally wrapped up all the presents. This year I used handmade gift tags.

I printed the picture/text I wanted to be on the tags on white cotton. One could also just plain white paper, but cotton looks much nicer. I got the picture from Two Things In Common.

I glued the cotton cut-outs on green paper and embellished the gift tags with gold thread.


10 things i love: DIYs to try before christmas

#1  Hot Chocolate paper cups

Hot Chocolate paper cups – Adorable!

#2 Felt pine cones

Just follow the link for pattern and instructions!

#3 DIY Button Christmas card

So simple and adorable!

#4 year-round ornaments

Why not try making these posh-looking ornaments?

#5 Easy made advent calendar

Very minimalistic yet beautiful. I love the idea! Made by A Few Things From My Life.

#6 Oranges and cloves

Classic orange and cloves Christmas decor!

#7 Hand-made Christmas tree

Found this here.

#8 Hot chocolate dippers

thinkgarnish has a short decription of how to make those! Yummy!

#9 Paper snow flakes!


I found a cute little and fairly simple tutorial.
And here are patterns for more advanced snow flake cutting.

If you’re really enthusiastic and patient it could end up like this:


#10 Cute knitted/crocheted mug cozies

I couldn’t find the original link, just a link to etsy, but lizspinspiration blogged about this and tried making some herself. I think I have to go find some wool…


the best is yet to come

Of course. All that Christmas stuff has been lying around in stores for weeks now and it’s pretty annoying to be steamrolled by Christmas jingles and gingerbread from September on.
But now, since it’s November already, it’s fairly bearable.

Last week the festive season officially started in London with the Christmas lights switch-on on the big shopping streets (as pretty and impressive as last year’s) and – with it come the Christmas window displays.
I love window shopping. Especially during Christmas season when everything is nicely decorated with fairy lights and stuff. But then I saw this:

I mean… seriously? It’s hard to believe there are actually people that not only buy pink glitter skull ornaments, but also decorate their Christmas tree with it. Sad enough that most people don’t even know what Christmas is about, but this is just painful for the eyes.

Anyway, I decided to keep it a little more moderate and actually started making most of my Christmas decoration myself. Low budget, of course. Here’s a bit of an impression:

 I’ll post some instructions/tutorials on how I did it soon. I love how paper and oranges make it look old-fashioned and it’s very inexpensive and doesn’t require much storage space later on, because you can just throw it away if you want.

By the way, “the best is yet to come” is not only a good Sinatra song, it’s also the inscription on his gravestone. How cool is that?