Wedding Dress Part III: Creating the Pattern & Muslin

wedding dress muslin by thisblogisnotforyou.comSoo, here we go with the next part of my wedding dress series!

Today it’s all about muslining and pattern making – I know some of you just want to see the final dress, but before I finished my dress I had to make a pattern and muslin. That’s just the logical order of things. Sorry, folks.

I didn’t use a ready made pattern. Instead I decided to base my dress on a Jenny Packham design and draft it myself.

Wedding Dress Part II: Inspiration & Design

Wedding Dress design by

Helloooo everyone! I’m back after my thee-month-blogging-break….and I’m married!

It still sounds pretty unbelievable, but we had the most amazing wedding anyone could imagine. And… I actually wore a handmade wedding dress.

I have to admit, there were times when I did not believe this would happen as it wasn’t an easy process and things didn’t always go too smoothly, but in the end I wore a dress I made. A dress I am very happy with and super proud of.

Wedding Dress Part I: Decisions, decisions!

thisblogisnotforyou.comA couple of months ago, when I helped my friend Daniela with her beautiful handmade wedding dress and the various little crisis involved in such a massive project, I had absolutely no idea that I might face the same questions a few weeks later! Well, here I am and having said YES (and being a sewing addict) I’m faced with a bunch of decisions to be made.

The first big question:


For me it was a definitive yes from the beginning. Here’s why: