Sew Over It pencil skirt with front zip

pencil skirt with front zip by thisblogisnotforyou.compencil skirt with front zip by thisblogisnotforyou.comOh hay!

After three months I finally came around to posting this neat little pencil skirt I made in December (or was it November?) last year. I’m way too much caught up in wedding planning and my new job, so I have to dig up last years projects (thankfully we took pictures already). On my sewing table there’s only the wedding dress at the moment. And it’s probably better if it stays like this.

Knitting and Sewing Souvenirs from Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Iceland Souvenirs by

Honestly, after a couple of weeks of vacation and laziness, it’s hard to get back into crafting, photo-editing and blogging mode.

So as not to overwork myself I’ll start by sharing some of my souvenirs from Iceland and the Faroe Islands with you! Apart from two books these were all sewing or knitting related (of course!)

Icelandic and Faroe WoolFirst of all, the wool! You won’t find many craft shops on the Faroe Islands, but when you find one it’s a knitter’s dream! Most people live on sheep farming and as you can imagine, Faroe wool is pretty awesome. I bought a 100g ball of 100% sheep’s wool in a natural colour in a little shop call Igloo, in Torshavn, the capitol of the Faroe Islands.