The Knitting & Stitching Show Giveaway Winners!

Win tickets to The Knitting and Stitching Show

Whoop, whoop! We have five lucky winners who will each get two complimentary tickets to The Knitting & Stitching Show!

In order to enter the giveaway I asked you guys to leave me a comment saying what you’d like to see on this blog in the future. My task was to pick my favourites from your suggestions – which was much harder than I thought it would be!

Thank you guys!! Your suggestions were all brilliant and I’ve made a long To Do list for the blog, trying to take as many of your ideas on board as possible! Anyway, I also had to narrow it down to my five favourites which took some time, hard thinking and two cups of coffee, but here they are:

Sabrina suggested sharing more in-process pieces and info on what going on “behind the scenes”. I’d love to do that! I often forget to take in-progress pics although I always enjoy seeing those on other people’s blogs. Good to know that you are nosy enough to be interested in the behind the scenes stuff. I sometimes feel silly writing about things like that, but as long as people are interested I’m happy to share bits and pieces 🙂 (Do let me know when I need to stop!)

Jan’s fabulous idea was it to share more sewing bloomers – my fails and things that go wrong (happens all the time) and how it fixed them. I think as bloggers we often only want to show a near-to-perfect end results and I know from my own experience that it can be really frustrating to see all those perfect garments on blogs when you yourself feel everything goes wrong whenever you try to make something. But that’s just because we compare our behind-the-scenes messes with a picked handful of edited images from others. Sharing my fails and messes will be a challenge but probably a lot of fun as well!

Daniela had three suggestions which all are great ideas for future posts! She asked me to share my very first makes with you guys. I’d love to do that and I don’t even know why I haven’t done so yet. Most of my very first makes (pre-sewing machine times, folks!) are still alive and only need to be photographed. My sewing skills were ridiculous back then, but I’d love to show you anyway. Daniela also asked about sharing my inspiration for my Hepburn Dress pattern (will do!) and sewing more stuff from Tilly Walnes’ book, which I have promised a while ago (shame on me!), so I’ll better get started on those Mimi blouses!

Lou suggested to find some and review some hidden pattern gems that aren’t commonly posted about, instead of reviewing patterns that are all over the place. She also would love to have an insight into the pattern drafting process and what goes into producing a pattern for release. The last one’s quite a challenge, but I’d love to share some more info about that with you. There’s not much out there, so maybe I can share some insight into the pattern making process with you!

Annett‘s idea made me laugh! She suggested trying to refashion a skirt into a hat! Pretty awesome, no? It would be really exciting to try and make a hat out of a recycled skirt. I love the idea! I’m gonna look into that and try to find out a bit more about hat-making first, though ;D

Well, congrats to you!
And thanks to everybody for their amazing ideas!

All winners will be contacted today, so check your email! I will need your address, so I can send the tickets your way! Please get back to me until Friday 3rd October, so that there’s enough time to get them posted to you!

Please note these tickets are only valid all day Wednesday, Thursday 3-7pm and all day Sunday. The Knitting & Stitching Show takes place from 8th – 12th October in Alexandra Palace, London.


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  1. Thank you so much for picking me. I can’t wait to visit the show. I never usually win anything so am really delighted.

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