A Nascha Skirt

nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.com

Hey folks! Hope you had some awesome Easter Holidays! I was back home in Germany, choking on chocolates, which also explains why it’s been a bit quiet in my sewing corner. In my defense, I have made a couple of things, but  haven’t photographed any yet. Which is also partly due to my current obsession with book binding. Yeah, you’ve read right. I’ve discovered a new hobby (I am a hobby collector!) and, as always, am obsessively spending every free minute with it. No worries, my heart still belongs to my sewing machine.

My aunt is a bookbinder and I hope I can learn a bit here and there from here this summer. Anyway, I’ll share some projects with you soon! But first things first: my Nascha Skirt!nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comThe Pattern:

I’ve made this Nascha Skirt a while ago, but was too lazy to sort out and edit the pics. The Nascha Skirt has always been on my to-sew list since I came across Named patterns and I bought the pattern a little while ago.

The pattern was a bit tricky to work with. I downloaded the PDF pattern and thought it wouldn’t take too long to assemble a skirt pattern. For some reasons the different sizes are not nestled, which means you won’t find all sizes on one pattern sheet. The sizes are grouped (EUR 36 & 38, 40 & 42 and so on). Unfortunately I had to grade between 36 waist and 38/40 at the hip, which made it really difficult to work with this pattern. I had to print off and assemble both sheets (36/38 and 40/42), cutting out the patterns pieces and layering them for grading. Annoying and time-consuming. The rest of the pattern was fine, but I was quite disappointed that the pattern wasn’t very pear-shaped-lady friendly.

nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.com

The Fabric:

I bought the blue & white aztec print fabric in Birmingham at last years blogger meet-up. I only bought 0.5 metres of it as I wanted to use it for a very simple mini skirt. The Nascha Skirt pattern recommends using more fabric, but I was determined to make it work. With a little bit of squeezing it would have been enough, but I had the idea of adding a contrasting panel. I had leather left over from my last skirt refashion. The leather pieces weren’t large enough so I had to work with what I had and had to integrate one of the seams.

The aztec print is a stretch-cotton sateen and worked really well with the leather. It was easy to sew with. The only tricky bit was hiding the facing as I couldn’t press the leather. It still shows a bit, but I don’t mind it that much.nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.com

nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comI used a golden exposed zip in the back. For some reason I have never really used exposed zips. I am quite an expert now on inserting invisible ones, but I was a bit nervous about the exposed zip. It did work out better than I expected and I quite like the golden contrast. The fabric bits of the zipper are navy and match the fabric, so you can only really see the metal bits, which I really like.nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comHere’s a close-up of the front detail of the skirt. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to hide my modesty, but it was fine in the end. The skirt is still really, really short though!nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comnascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comnascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comThe skirt had both facing and lining and I how it looks on the inside. Almost pretty enough to wear it inside-out, non? I lined it with navy blue polyester fabric, from my vintage stash.nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comGuess what happened the first time I wore it? The top-stitching at the front detail ripped. I kind of expected this to happen and was very careful, but apparently not careful enough. When I crouched down to pick something up, the seam tore. The topstitching is only decorative, but it annoys me anyway! nascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.comnascha skirt by thisblogisnotforyou.com

Will I make it again?

I love mini-skirts, but this one is so short that I can’t wear it at work for example. I normally don’t dress up a lot at home, so this one won’t see the daylight too often. I love the design of the skirt, but for now one is enough!

Have you ever used a Named pattern?

Happy sewing!


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