Baby clothes! Part 1

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I am going to become an auntie this summer and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sewing baby clothes so far. The first big pile of cute mini clothes was already sent home, so it’s time to share some pictures!

I decided to make a bunch of reversible pinafores as these are super practical. First of all, they’re made from 100% cotton and can be washed at 40-60°C. Secondly, they’re reversible! If the one side gets dirty while you are out and about you can simply switch sides. What I also really love is that these pinafores sort of grow with your child. A lot of baby clothes get too small too quickly. I’ve made this pinafore for a 6-months old and also for a 18-months old. Both looked super cute in it.

Little Dress Kits Review by thisblogisnotforyou.comI used the Tie-Side Pinafore pattern from Little Dress Kits (I wrote a review here) and different cotton fabrics. At first I wanted to only sew two pinafores, but the fabric cutting got a little bit out of hand and I lost track of all the pattern pieces and cut out too many. This happened twice and I ended up cutting out more and more until I had enough to make four!sewing baby clothes by thisblogisnotforyou.comsewing baby clothes by thisblogisnotforyou.comFour fronts and backs, eight pockets and sixteen straps later…sewing baby clothes by thisblogisnotforyou.comThe front is not only reversible, but you can also switch the fronts between the different pinafores in whatever combination you want. I also made some matching diaper covers, but I still have to figure out sizes. The first one was a bit too small the second way too big.
sewing baby clothes by thisblogisnotforyou.comsewing baby clothes by thisblogisnotforyou.comI looooove the Winnie the Pooh fabric, it’s just too adorable. I have so much left that I will probably make a quilted playing mat. I always wanted to try quilting and I think this would be a good project to start with.sewing baby clothes by thisblogisnotforyou.comsewing baby clothes by thisblogisnotforyou.comsewing baby clothes by

Sewing for babies is so much fun. You don’t need a lot of fabric (a good way to get rid of all these scraps!), you don’t have to sew muslins and have complicated fittings and most of the baby projects only take a few hours or less.

I also made some bibs, cardigans and PJs I will share with you the next time!

In the meantime, if you have any baby pattern suggestions, feel free to share!

Have you ever made baby clothes?

Happy sewing!


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5 thoughts on “Baby clothes! Part 1

  1. Your pinafores are so cute… And only one seam away from a Schlafsack (don’t know the English word, as I had all my kids in Germany). They’re like nightgowns with the bottom stitched up and a zipper down the front. Great for cool autumn and winter nights. You can make em fairly long, but the arm and neck holes shouldn’t be too loose for newborns, and the neckline not too low.

    1. Schlafsack – super Idee! 🙂 Dass ich darauf nicht gekommen bin! I could easily make the adjustments as the pattern is fairly simple. And I’ve been looking for a cute schlafsack pattern anyway! Thank you! x

      1. You’re very welcome! Glad to help! And the zip should open from the bottom-up, so that your sister doesn’t have to take the whole thing off to change nappies in the middle of the night. 🙂

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