Burda Baby Dress 09/2013 #147 – Tilda Fabric

Burdastyle Baby Dress 09/2013 #147 by thisblogisnotforyou.comHelloooo my lovelies!

I’m back in Germany! It’s still kinda weird and doesn’t feel real at all at the moment but we’ll get there. I’ve got quite a few projects lined up to be blogged (sewn pre-move) so at least I don’t have to panic blog-wise. And I’ve got my little sewing corner set up with a tiny selection of fabrics for some serious stash-busting action. (I already bought fabric here, oh no!)

Just before we moved we had family visiting, including my adorable little niece, who was about ten months then. Obviously I  couldn’t contain myself and had to sew a couple of things here and there. I browsed through my Burdastyle stash – always reliable! – and found some really cute baby patterns. You can find most of them online as well.

I decided to use up some gorgeous Tilda fabric that I had left from a previous project I did in collaboration with White Tree Fabrics (there’s a new project in the making, but with reduced resources at the moment it takes a while!) Sewing for babies is always great for using up fabric scraps as well! I literally squeezed this one out of the leftovers I had.

Burdastyle Baby Dress 09/2013 #147 by thisblogisnotforyou.com

The pattern is Burdastyle Baby Dress 09/2013 #147 – a very cute baby dress all complete with patch pockets and a gathered yoke. The dress has long sleeves and buttons up the back. (Check out my pattern matching at the patch pockets, yo! It wasn’t even intentional, but it still makes me happy seeing those pictures!)

The dress came together quite easily. Sewing with the Tilda cotton was a breeze! Apart from the buttons, everything was sewn on the machine. I took quite a while though. Although it is tiny and comes together quicker than a normal grown-up-sized dress, it still took me almost a whole day to finish.

source: burdastyle.com

Burdastyle Baby Dress 09/2013 #147 by thisblogisnotforyou.comAnd here’s the even cuter back! I made self-covered buttons (12mm) and sew all the buttonholes with my buttonhole foot and my 4-step-sewing machine setting (15mm wide buttonholes). These buttons make me smile!Burdastyle Baby Dress 09/2013 #147 by thisblogisnotforyou.comThe dress fits beautifully and the little munchkin looks absolutely stunning in it (you can tell that she knows that, too!)

Burdastyle Baby Dress 09/2013 #147 by thisblogisnotforyou.com

Will I make it again? The pattern is great as a basis for all sorts of outfits – blouses and summer as well as winter dresses. Unfortunately, babies grow fast and by the time I feel like making it again I would have to trace it again for a bigger size. So, no, at the moment I don’t have plans to sew the exact same dress again, but I’ll keep the traced pattern – just in case 🙂



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