St. Nicholas Day treat – DIY in 15 minutes #1

This is so tasty and -believe me- takes only 15 minutes to make.

All you need: 
– a bar of chocolate
– nuts and dried fruits
– an empty jar
– sandwich paper/ baking parchment

#1 melt the chocolate (stir until smooth and glossy)

#2 drop spoonfuls of chocolate onto the sandwich paper (disks of 4-5cm)

#3 add the nuts and dried fruits

#4 put the tray into the freezer for 3-5 minutes (or into the fridge – takes a little longer then)

like fireflies in december [DIY advent calendars]

#1 overflowing waterfall Advent calendar

I got this one this year. I’m still overwhelmed. Can you believe what was in there this morning (1st Dec)? A second smaller Advent calendar with 24 different tea bags. Calender-ception!

#2 pillow case into Advent calender

This one I made for my parents last year. It was a last minute project (yeah, December comes after November, I should start to remember that…).
It took a few hours, since I sewed the whole thing myself. It’s basically made from two pillow cases, one brown, one red and small pieces of white cloth.

10 things i love: DIYs to try before christmas

#1  Hot Chocolate paper cups

Hot Chocolate paper cups – Adorable!

#2 Felt pine cones

Just follow the link for pattern and instructions!

#3 DIY Button Christmas card

So simple and adorable!

#4 year-round ornaments

Why not try making these posh-looking ornaments?

#5 Easy made advent calendar

Very minimalistic yet beautiful. I love the idea! Made by A Few Things From My Life.

#6 Oranges and cloves

Classic orange and cloves Christmas decor!

#7 Hand-made Christmas tree

Found this here.

#8 Hot chocolate dippers