Refashion It! The Stripy Sweater Dress

sweater dress refashion by thisblogisnotforyou.comsweater dress refashion by

Hellooo sewing nerds!

After a nice long weekend I have yet another refashion project for you! This thime I cut apart a sweater dress (yes, again) and at the same time recycled one of my old tops.

Here’s the ‘before’ pic of the dress which I recently got from a friend for refashion purposes (Yes, my friends do that now. And I love it. But I always mention that there’s no gurantee of ever getting it back in one piece. Chop, chop 🙂 )

sweater dress refashion by

Tips for thrifting for your refashion projects!

Tips for thrifting for your refashion projects by thisblogisnotforyou.comI love thrifting.

I never thought I would. I did not like the idea of buying things other potentially creepy strange people had worn before me. Until I moved to London – there are so many charity and secondhand shops here!

After strolling through some of them I soon noticed that not everything in there was smelly and old-fashioned and that you can find pretty cool things hidden between many not-so-cool things if only you look hard enough.

Refashion It! The Jersey Blazer (no sewing machine needed!)

blazer refashion before and after by thisblogisnotforyou.comI love blazers. I love red. Bright red blazers can look really cool, but this one was a weird mixture of too bold and too boring.

I love that it’s a jersey blazer, which kind of makes it more casual (since I don’t go to fancy events too often). But I thought that some contrasting colour was missing. It was just too red.

blazer refashion by

Look at all the red. RED.

I love to combine red and black and found that beautiful black lace in my fabric stash that has been waiting its turn for quite some time.

Refashion It! Sweater Dress to Cowl Neck


sweater dress refashion by thisblogisnotforyou.comI used the last days of my Christmas break for some quick refashion projects. I have a huge pile of old or thrifted clothes I keep for refashion projects and recently, a friend gave me a bunch of cute dresses and sweaters that doesn’t fit her anymore.

One of these was this cute grey sweater dress which was not very flattering and a bit too short for my liking. I decided to make it into a sweater and use the excess fabric for a cosy cowl neck.

sweater dress refashion by thisblogisnotforyou.comsweater dress refashion by

Refashion It! The Autumn Skirt

Autumn Skirt Refashion by

Autumn Skirt Refashion by

Hi everyone!

The secondhand store around the corner had a huge seasonal sale a few weeks ago and they sold EVERYTHING for 1pound only. I bought quite a few things without even trying them on (they all fit like a glove) and some plus-sized skirts for the occasional weekend refashion project.

In this sale I found this rather ugly and way too long beauty which screamed “refashion!”:

Autumn Skirt Refashion by thisblogisnotforyou.comNot only was it way too long (mid-calf) but it also had the fly in the center front which certainly wasn’t very becoming. The original size was a size 20 (UK)/46 (Eur).