Refashion It! Leather Coat to Leather Bag

Leather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by thisblogisnotforyou.comFinally.

After weeks of hurting fingers, broken needles and a lot of frustration, I finished my leather coat refashion. The outcome? A leather bag!

It was certainly not an easy and quick refashion project, that much I can tell you. Especially since it was my very first time sewing with real leather (rant ends here).

I found these two beauties in a thrift store a few weeks ago (6 pounds each!):
Leather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by thisblogisnotforyou.comLeather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by

(Is there a tree in my flat? Sort of.)

Quite a bargain! The coats are way too big for me, so there was plenty of leather and lining to use. For making the bag I only used the bottom leather panels of both coats and some of the lining from the pink coat.

I made the pattern for the bag myself and, as you can see, found a way to recycle the patch pockets of the pink coat. I love that the bag is big enough to carry a binder around (Not that I do that every day, but whenever I need to take one with me I realise that none of my bags are large enough.)
Leather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by thisblogisnotforyou.comThe bag unfortunately doesn’t count into my 27 Dresses Challenge (ohhhh….) and it’s also not for me to wear. SO WHAT’S THE POINT OF GOING THROUGH ALL THIS?

I made the bag for my little sis’ birthday (Yes, I must love her very much). I’m not really the pink bag type of girl, but she loves everything black and pink. Hopefully, it doesn’t fall apart, hehe. The bag was shipped off to good old Germany yesterday and hopefully won’t get lost on the way (I still don’t trust Royal Mail.)

I won’t post a tutorial on making the bag, but I have taken quite a lot of pictures during the process. So keep your eyes peeled for a making-of post in the next couple of days. I will then also post some pics of the innards and details! If anyone is interested in the pattern of the bag, leave me a comment. If there are a few of you who would like to try and make the bag without proper instructions, I might post the measurements of the pattern pieces.

FYI, my fingers stopped twitching over the weekend (Gosh! I was getting really concerned!) – I’m now fully recovered from the leather disease, yay! But I have plenty of leather left and already way too many ideas for further projects. So this definitely wasn’t the last time you see me masochistically tormenting my hands like this!

Leather Coat Refashioned into Leather Bag by

Happy week everyone!

PS: There’s still plenty of time left to join our Hollywood Sewalong!!
PPS: Who’s watching the Sewing Bee? Some seriously cool refashions this week!

Stay in touch!

15 thoughts on “Refashion It! Leather Coat to Leather Bag

  1. I understand your fingers pain…sewing leather is so complicated but you’ve finally come with a beautiful bag…the pink leather is demential

  2. Hi!
    I just found your blog!
    And I LOVE the leather bag! The 2 colours match very well!
    Someone has a very lucky sister!
    Kisses from Portugal!

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