September is National Sewing Month! Sewing vs. Throw-Away-Fashion

Hi ya! In case you haven’t heard it yet: It’s National Sewing Month in the States and although I’m in Europe I will surely celebrate that with…sewing! (Duh!)

I love how sewing has become popular again and bookstores are full of craft and sewing related stuff, there are sewing shows on TV and it’s not too awkward to say “Um, I made that myself!” when people ask you where you bought your clothing (although it sometimes still is!).

Sewing has become bigger and bigger (yay!) and when you’re part of the online or IRL sewing community, The Great British Sewing Bee, Me-Made-May or OWOP are as exciting and fun as the Worldcup or McDonald’s Monopoly are for others.

An easy way to make a statement against throw-away fashion is also to recycle old clothes and buy secondhand. My favourite charity secondhand store is Traid, they do amazing work to reduce textile waste, improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry and to educate people of all ages about the impacts of textiles on the environment and people’s lives, and how we can make more sustainable choices. (Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?) Oh and btw, you can read all my refashion posts here.

Here’s a really interesting infographic on Sewing vs. Throw Away Fashion which the guys over at Plush Addict made to celebrate the National Sewing Month:

National Sewing Month

My sewing plans for this month:

  • Sewing more Hepburn Skirts and Dresses until I have covered all possible variations of this pattern (this will probably take longer than just September!)
  • I have already bought the fabric for making a Miette skirt and two Mimi blouses
  • I really want to try and tackle the Ultimate Trouser pattern from Sew Over It, I already have the perfect fabric but I’m afraid of the fitting process. Meh! Maybe I should just go ahead – everyone who tried that pattern said the fit is great.
  • A quilted baby blanket is in planning (Winnie the Pooh fabric, everybody!), but I have never made a quilt before and therefore keep postponing this project. If you have any ideas or tips, please share!

Happy sewing!


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