Shrink plastic earrings

shrink plastic earrings by

A little while ago, I ordered some shrink plastic online since I’d seen so many lovely projects using shrink plastic.

Here’s my first go at using shrink plastic to make jewellery. I don’t really like how the bird cage earrings turned out, but I love the bobby earrings. I made them for my sister who was obsessed with them on her last visit.

shrink plastic earrings by

It was easier than I thought, the main problem was figuring out how much the plastic actually shrinks in the end. I started working on some Alice in Wonderland themed jewellery, but I have to finish quite a few sewing projects first, before I can continue working on that 🙂

knotted necklace {diy}

I made this neckace months ago, but couldn’t post it since I made it for someone who reads this blog frequently for Christmas…well, here it is. It’s fairly easy to do, but it took me about 2-3 Gilmore Girls episodes until I had threaded all the beads. (Don’t ask how many – I didn’t count!)

I used three different colours of tube beads in random order.

I basically made two strings (each consisting of eight single strings) and knotted them together using the Double Carrick Bend and twisted the ends.

DIY grape-earrings and matching bracelet

I made those a long long time ago, but I wanted to share this anyway.
I made two identical bracelets, one for my best friend and one for me. The matching grape earrings I made for myself. All I used were glass and plastic rocaille beads, earring hooks, a silver chain and silver wire in different strengths.

Refashion It! The Old Mirror [sort of tutorial]

I’m a girl. And I adore jewelry. Of course.

I love buying it, wearing it and making it myself. The only thing that annoyed me for years was not knowing how to store it.

I have a really nice jewelry stand for necklaces, but nothing for earrings – one of the reasons why I often wear the same earrings for weeks, because I don’t think of all the others stored in little boxes somewhere.

I found some really nice earing holders in a cute shop in Covent Garden, but too expensive for my taste. Nevertheless, they did inspire me to make my own.

diamonds are a girls best friend [Bracelet Tutorial]

…but not many of us can actually afford those pretty little friends. Me neither and that’s why I make a lot of my jewelry myself and try to do that as inexpensive as possible. I use all kinds of materials, just recently I tried making jewelry from old pieces of fabric and cheap plastic beads. It turned out really nice, I think.

Here is how to make one of those: (It takes about an hour, so take your time.)

 #1 – What you need

Basically, you don’t need any fancy materials and tools to make this. Make sure you have: