first cardigan (which is actually the second)

Burda 109B 5/2013 by

Finally, here are the pictures of the jersey cardigan I made back in May/June. It’s #10 of my 27 Dresses Challenge and I made it for someone else this time!

I used the Burda pattern #109B from the May issue this year (5/2013) and it is probably the first time I managed to sew something in the same month the issue was out.

Burda 109B 5/2013 by

I couldn’t find the #109B pattern as download but the website has the pattern for 109A for a fiver, which is basically the same pattern with short sleeves (and it suggests a button closure, the 109B pattern uses hooks):

Liebster Award


I handed in my dissertation yesterday and still can’t believe I’m free at last…after weeks and weeks of work. And finally I have time for unpacking my sewing machine. So what else happened since my last post?

– We moved houses! Not a good thing to do right before the dissertation deadline but that’s how thing are sometimes. There’s still chaos everywhere and all my sewing things are still in boxes. But I’m looking forward to decorating my new sewing space. Unpacking starts NOW!