Little Black Dress and Comfy Cardi

LBD and Cardi by thisblogisnotforyou.comLBD and Cardi by thisblogisnotforyou.comHello lovelies! Guess what? I’ve got a new favourite outfit (again).

I have to admit, not much planning went into this. The cardi was on the bottom of a to-do-list in the back of my head, for when I would run out of ideas (ha!) and the idea for the dress was born in the second I saw that fabric. Buying the fabric, making a sketch and a pattern and sewing the dress all happened on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Although I have millions of projects on my to-sew list I always end up with these spontaneous projects! Most often these end up to be my favourite garments, though.
LBD and Cardi by thisblogisnotforyou.comTHE CARDIGAN

Once upon a time…I made a red hooded cape.

little red riding hood cape by

Ooops. How did that happen? Does she know this looks a bit…a a fairytale costume?

Yes, she does!

Sewing a hooded cape using a bright red knit fabric, I was aware of that. And I love it. Not only do I love fairytales, I also think that the cape looks chic enough to be actually worn, not only on costume parties. (I hate these by the way. Except for when they’re Star Wars or Burlesque themed.)

How did it happen?

How to draft flared half-circle sleeves (plus more close-ups of the bridesmaid dress)

self-drafted bridesmaid dress by

Heeeello everyone!

As promised, here are more pictures of my self-drafted bridesmaid dress and a brief tutorial on drafting flared half-circle sleeves.

If you think you’ve seen enough of that dress already, feel free to skip this post – there will be a massive amount of pics 🙂

self-drafted bridesmaid dress by

Btw, this is the original sketch of the dress. I was thinking about adding some fabric-covered buttons in the back, but discarded that idea pretty soon after starting to draft the pattern. It just didn’t fit in and would’ve been even more time consuming.

self-drafted bridesmaid dress by thisblogisnotforyou.comself-drafted bridesmaid dress by

How to draft your own asymmetrical hem dress pattern

how to make an asymmetrical hem dress by

We all love pattern hacks, don’t we? I really do like patterns, especially the Burdastyle ones, and there are so many that I’ll never be able to sew them all. Nevertheless, sometimes you just want to add your own personal touch. And when you have a certain design in mind, but you just can’t find that particular pattern you’re looking for anywhere, you probably have to.

Summer is (hopefully) coming soon and last year’s asymmetrical hem maxi dresses are in stores again (I like!). I actually didn’t buy any last summer, but I’m totally planning on sewing loads this spring. A lot of the patterns I have are from last year and older and Burdastyle didn’t have too many good asymmetrical hem dresses so far.