The Valentine’s Day Alternative

the valentines day alternativeI don’t need Valentine’s Day to tell you “I love you”.

Ever thought of that?

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Obviously. Once you leave the house and step into a store, there’s hearts & chocolates & kitsch & millions of shades of pink and red everywhere.

Today at the supermarket I saw people swarming in front of a rack full of Valentine’s Day gifts, grabbing tacky stuffed animals, overpriced boxes of chocolates and all sorts of pink knickknack.

A lot of people make desperate efforts to find something they can buy and give their loved one’s. What for? Expressing how much you love a person through giving them a card and a box of chocolates?

Sure a sweet card and chocolates is a nice thing to get once in a while, but I think the best gift one can give is to make time for someone. The more, the better.

Valentine’s Day will be a Thursday and Thursday is always one of the busiest days of my week. (I’m probably not the only one! 🙂 ) But that doesn’t bother me at all.

Why not simply ignore all the commerce and “peer pressure” and pick another day? Pick a day when you have time for more than just rushing to the pizza place around the corner.

Do something fun and memorable and most of all, spend time together.
And then, try doing this once a month.
Maybe Valentine’s Day helps as a reminder to take some time and spend it with our loved ones, but we definitely don’t need it to tell someone “I love you”.

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4 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day Alternative

  1. True, Valentine’s Day has become commercialized. I like the idea of doing something different on a different day, then doing something every month.

  2. I think too, the best gift is to make time for someone. Also on Valentine’s Day. Because his roots are not commerce but love.

  3. Popped over here from your latest post- I’m really not into Valentines day- might have something to do with having worked in retail a lot, because I just see the rampant consumerism involved. So, yes, in my opinion, handmade/baked/drawn or whatever is the way to go when showing one’s love!
    Freya May xx

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