5 tips for the weekend #7

Wow, it’s been ages since the last “5 tip for the weekend” post, I know. It’s back again!

Btw, I recently noticed that some of your comments ended up in my spam folder – now I keep checking it regularly before deleting the spam comments (although that’s totally annoying…), but in case your comment went missing before I started doing that – I’m sorry! I love all your lovely comments!!! Maybe I just need to get a better spam-filter.

#1 craft idea: paint some shoes!

shoe refashion
source: E-outfit.com

#2 movie you should see

“Coco before Chanel” 2009

I’ve seen this movie more than once and love it. It’s not full of action and certainly not suspense-packed, since we know how it ends, but Audrey Tautou portrays Gabrielle Chanel’s life before she became famous as Coco Chanel in such a beautiful way. It’s a must see for all seamstresses out there!

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s the trailer.

#3 book you won’t regret reading

“The secret life of Marilyn Monroe” – J.R. Taraborrelli

I’ve just finished this book and can only recommend it. It’s one of the few well-researched books about her, sweeping a lot of wrong facts and rumors out of the way. I enjoyed reading it and found it to be the best Monroe biography so far.

#4 recipe to try on the weekend:

Sun-dried tomato cilantro hummus!

Sun-dried tomato cilantro hummus
Source: abeautifulmess.com

Doesn’t that look delicious? You can find the recipe at abeautifulmess.com.

#5 Play around with your camera and make a stop-motion short film!

It needs quite a bit concentration, but making a stop-motion short film is so much fun! It might be a challenge to get your children interested in this, but maybe you get them to make one of the process of tidying up their rooms 😉

This one made by some of my friends is absolutely adorable and inspiring:
(Watch out, their song will be stuck in your head all weekend 🙂 )

The Pursuit of Happiness from Martin Büttner on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “5 tips for the weekend #7

  1. I just love how easy and fun the shoe DIY looks – to be honest, though, I’d be scared it’d rub off when wearing them. Have you tried that and can tell from experience if it works?
    Anyhow, have a lovely weekend!

    1. Haven’t tried it yet, but probably will. I think it really depends on the surface of the shoe. If it’s leather or some rough surface, it will probably work pretty well, as well as surfaces that are more fabric like.
      It could become a problem with patent-leather or something more plastic-like. The paint is more likely to chip then I guess.

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