5 tips for the weekend #7

Wow, it’s been ages since the last “5 tip for the weekend” post, I know. It’s back again!

Btw, I recently noticed that some of your comments ended up in my spam folder – now I keep checking it regularly before deleting the spam comments (although that’s totally annoying…), but in case your comment went missing before I started doing that – I’m sorry! I love all your lovely comments!!! Maybe I just need to get a better spam-filter.

#1 craft idea: paint some shoes!

shoe refashion
source: E-outfit.com

#2 movie you should see

5 tips for the weekend #5

Sorry, I really neglected my Five Tips For The Weekend during the last few weeks, but I was really busy with exams and the whole holidays thing. Anyway, here are my five tips for the upcoming weekend:

#1 craft idea: detachable collar using an old shirt collar as  pattern

I love the idea and am definitely going to try this asap!
You will find the tutorial at burdastyle – have fun!

#2 movie you should re-watch every year 

5 tips for the weekend #4

#1 book you won’t regret reading

Shadow of the Wind (Spanish: La sombra del viento) is a truly timeless masterpiece by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. The novel – typical for Zafón- is actually a story within a story. A love story, a mystery and for some a thriller. The book is breathtakingly beautiful and thrilling at the same time. It’s not a small book, but a pageturner you won’t be able to put down as soon as you’re through the first chapters. So there’s a great chance to read it through over the weekend.

5 tips for the weekend #3

#1 book that’s absolutely worth reading

A novel from the author of Sophie’s World – perfect for the first December weekend. It’s short, it’s christmassy and well-written. It’s philosophical (of course) – Jostein Gaarder makes you think in a beautiful way. It’s sad, but in a way makes you happy reading it. I loved Sophie’s World and I love this as well.

#2 movie you shouldn’t miss 

5 tips for the weekend #2

#1 book that’s absolutely worth reading

Special Topics in Calamity PhysicsMarisha Pessl

A great novel I read a few years ago. It’s written in the style of the syllabus for an English Literature course and is despite of the cheesy-looking cover not a particular girly book. Basically, it’s a crime story and full of literary and cinematic references (which I really love), although some of them are made up. (Reminds me of House of Leaves, but that one deserves a post of its own.)

#2 movie you shouldn’t miss