Behind The Scenes in Pictures #2

John Lewis Sewing Bee with Lisa Comfort

John Lewis Sewing Bee / thisblogisnotforyou.comMe and fellow sewing bloggers Roisin (Dolly Clacket), Fiona (Diary of a Chain Stitcher), Amy (Almond Rock), Clare (Sew Dixie Lou), Elena (Randomly Happy) and Emmie (My Oh Sew Vintage Life) spent Saturday at John Lewis Oxford Street, sewing up a storm together with the lovely Lisa, founder of ‘Sew Over It‘ at the John Lewis Sewing Bee (JL is celebrating their 150th anniversary!).

We all made a dress using the new collection of John Lewis 150 fabrics. Lisa helped us out with some sewing and fitting. We all had a blast and since we were just chatting away half of the time, no one finished their dress in time (except for Roisin of course, who sewed in super-speed mode, Dolly-Clacket-style). There will be a more detailed post with pictures later this week. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of my as yet unfinished dress:
John Lewis Sewing Bee /

Love at First Stitch

Megan Dress by

I finally got my copy of Tilly’s new book. It directly moved from my wishlist to my bookshelf. At first I thought this book might be too basic and only for beginners, but I’ve already read it from cover to cover and absolutely loved it! The dress patterns are gorgeous and I already made a colour-blocked version of the Megan Dress which I wore on Saturday at the Sewing Bee.

Visiting Makegood Festival
Makegood Festival //

Last friday I was at the Makegood Festival and could check out some awesome new creative start-ups! Tilly was there, too, with the cutest stall on earth and I couldn’t resist getting a copy of the infamous Coco Dress. Makegood Festival //thisblogisnotforyou.comI also met the lovely Freya (Elise Patterns), who is launching her lingerie sewing patterns (hopefully!!) this week. I can’t wait to get hold of those knicker & Kimono patterns! Makegood Festival //thisblogisnotforyou.comI also really loved “Handmade by Bex” and bought one of her adorable hand-embroidered brooches! Aren’t they cute?Makegood Festival //thisblogisnotforyou.comMakegood Festival //

Sarah (Salt and Buoy) made these awesome linen cushions, embroidered with seaside scenes.

And…..the Fugglers!Makegood Festival //

And this notebook which I loved (for obvious reasons).Makegood Festival //

New Pattern in the Making

new pattern by

Yep! While I’m busy with the sewalong for the Fairytale Cape, I’m already working on pattern #2, which I’m really excited about. Hopefully you’ll be, too. But you’ll have to wait a bit longer. 🙂

Twitter & Instagram!

This Blog joined Twitter (@tbinfy) & Instagram (@thisblogisnotforyou)! As I’m new to both, there’s still a lot of figuring out to do, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

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NYLon Blogger Meet Up at the V&A

Source: Kitty Wong

NYLon2014 was two weeks ago and epic! I noticed that I forgot to take pictures of that day. Luckily, we had Kitty Wong, a professional photographer, take pictures of us. You can find them on Flickr.

Source: Kitty Wong

27 Dresses Challenge

27dresses challenge recap by

I finished my 27 Dresses Challenge! Ha! I’ve already fallen in love with a Janome overlocker I used on Saturday’s Sewing Bee…

Phew, after these past two weeks I’m absolutely exhausted! I took a break from sewing today (just pre-washing some fabrics), but I can’t wait to finish and show off my Sewing Bee dress. So sewing it is tomorrow, I guess. 🙂

Happy sewing!

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Behind the Scenes: Blog Layout

Hellooo everyone! Just a quick update! In case you haven’t noticed yet, This Blog has a new header (and some minor layout changes on different pages). I wanted to wait and do a major blog makeover by the end of the year, but I had some spare time on my hands on this long Bank Holiday weekend and tried out a few things. The result was a new header:

I’m writing this post mainly to keep a record of the old header which I still really like, but the blog’s name got a bit lost in the busy drawing.

old header by

I couldn’t simply get rid of the old header, so I decided to merge the old and the new one. 🙂 I needed to shuffle some parts of the old header to fit around the new layout.

For those of you interested – I do the blog’s design myself (Mr Thisblogisnotforyou helps me with implementing the design). I use different programs and techniques and often use hand-drawn images which I scan and then edit with programs such as Photoshop or Inkscape (which is the open source alternative to Illustrator).

old header by

I hope you like the new design! I also changed a few things on the tutorial page. I’ll grab a coffee and my sewing machine now for some finishing touches on a few things that need to be photographed today – sun is shining after almost a whole week of rain!

Happy sewing!

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May the force!

It’s Star Wars day! Yay! (It’s not the reason why I’m writing this post, though)

There are a few annoucements I wanted to make which I’m super excited about!

First of all, if today is the 4th May, tomorrow will be the 5th! Which means tomorrow is the big reveal of our Hollywood-Sewalong makes which were inspired my the movie “The Notebook”. I’m very excited to share my final garment, which I even was able to finish wayyyy before the deadline (two days ago!). That definitely is a first.

Hollywood Sewalong: The Notebook by
I’m also very excited to see the other girls’ makes! They shared their fantastic inspirations a month ago. Did anyone of you join in? Don’t forget to share your make tomorrow!

Second annoucement: The Sew-Along for the Fairy Tale Cape variations will be starting very soon! I will be sharing detailed step-by-step instructions for

  • adding buttonholes
  • adding armslits
  • putting in a full lining
  • drafting and adding a Peter Pan collar instead of the hood.

So go and get your copy of the pattern and some lovely fabric! For a summer cape I’d recommend a lightweight linen (plus a lightweight cotton lining) or jersey fabric.


Last but not least: Thisblogisnotforyou is now officially a business (a super duper small one)! Although this practically won’t change anything, it’s a big step for me. It allows me to share more sewing patterns in the future! There are loads of patterns already planned in my head and I hope that I will be able to publish the next one this summer. So keep your eyes peeled for more! xx

Happy sewing!

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Behind The Scenes In Pictures #1

behind the scenes by thisblogisnotforyou.comThese little guys will be my new helpers when I can’t use pins, e.g. for leather or delicate fabrics. Found at Tiger in Cambridge.Behind the scenes by During our very short trip to Cambridge, I also bought these super cute wooden buttons at the market.

Behind the scenes by

Speaking of buttons, I spend my saturday evening sorting vintage buttons! I got two very large boxes of buttons from my grandma and a friend of hers. These included a lot of very cool vintage buttons, metallic, leather, mother of pearl and also a whole lot of 1960’s/1970’s plastic buttons. Woot, woot!Behind the scenes by

Back to Burda for a little while! An almost finished dress (I still have to add buttons and buttonholes). And I will have to sew a slip dress for underneath. I love stripes!

Behind the scenes by thisblogisnotforyou.comBehind the scenes by

I went fabric shopping with two of my sewing friends last week. I love the white jersey with the golden feathers print. I also bought matching ligth grey lining for the cream-colourd georgette with light grey dots. Summer dress with Peter Pan collar, maybe?

Behind the scenes by

Getting used to working with some independent patterns lately. The pinstripe jersey was also a bargain found at Goldhawk Road last week, only £1.50 pm. Here see you my Lady Skater dress planning – I finished the dress yesterday and went out to eat pasta and apple crumble with Mr Thisblogisnotforyou.

Behind the scenes by

On our way back home we came by a pop-up vintage sale where I bought two absolutely adorable vintage compact mirrors, probably from the 1950’s. One seems to be a souvenir from Paris, the other one is from an English company, Kigu.Behind the scenes by thisblogisnotforyou.comBehind the scenes by thisblogisnotforyou.comBehind the scenes by thisblogisnotforyou.comBehind the scenes by thisblogisnotforyou.comBehind the scenes by

Lego R2D2 says hi.Behind the scenes by

I always obsessing about something. At the moment it is Gabrielle Chanel and how she revolutionised fashion. I want to sew a Chanel-style jacket this year, just haven’t found the right fabric yet.

What have you been up to?

Happy sewing!

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27 Dresses Challenge Recap – 18 down, 9 to go!

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHello gang!

I thought today is time for a quick challenge recap. As you know I’m working hard on my 27 Dresses Challenge so I can finally go and get an overlocker. If you haven’t heard about my challenge or need a quick refresher, here’s the original blog post.

I started the challenge almost exactly a year ago and I’m still not finished. Boo! Well, but that’s mainly because I’m really strict with myself and only count garments that are made from scratch. Refashions, accessoires and toddler pinafores do not count. Neither do kitchen aprons. That would be too easy. (FYI trousers and blouses do count. If I would only count dresses it would take me decades to get that damn overlocker, dudes!!)

Seen from that perspective, I’ve come quite far. I blogged about 18 challenge garments so far (out of which 10 are dresses) and more are on their way. Inofficially, #19 and #20 are already done, #21 & #22 are WIP at the moment. I can already hear the overlocker whirring!

Here are garments #1 to #18. Have fun!

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHow do I feel about it now? Umm. Yesss. This is more or less the second dress I’ve ever sewn using a sewing machine and the first dress made using a sewing pattern. Considering that it was my first Burdastyle pattern experience, I have to say it’s not too bad. I had no idea what I was doing, but it turned out to be a dress in the end. Pattern matching? Eh, that’s why there are no pictures of the back!

Have I worn it? Once. I made it for a special occasion (Mr Thisblogisnotforyou was awarded a prize by his uni department and I was his plus one), went there and wore it. It has been hanging in my closet ever since.

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? I love it! I still is one of my favourite makes. I remember it took ages to finish it, since I couldn’t wrap my head around these stupid Burda instructions.

Have I worn it? Yes! Twice, on Christmas the last two years. Everyone loved it and I got a lot of compliments for it! It’s a wool dress and only handwash it, since I forgot to prewash the fabric before I sewed the dress and I know that it will shrink quite a bit (after testing it with a bit of remnant fabric). That’s why I don’t wear it on a daily basis.

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHow do I feel about it now? Ahh! My first pair of trousers! My first self-drafted pattern. Everything went so great while making these. The only thing that bothers me now is that I used low quality fabric. It was 20-year-old fabric I got from Mr Thisblogisnotforyou’s mum and it’s a bit itchy and seems to attract fluff.

Have I worn it? A million times! I love it! I bought linen fabric (May last year!) to make it again, just haven’t had the time yet.

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHow do I feel about it now? I still love it, but it’s one of these dresses you can’t wear in everyday life. I love the fit and am quite proud that I managed to make such a good sew with my poor sewing skills back then.

Have I worn it? Unfortunately, no. Partly because I just finished the last bit of the hem last week (hoping that I might wear it on a date night some time soon). Also, the instructions say that all the front bodice pleats need to be basted before washing the dress so they don’t loose their shape. Not a big motivation for wearing it.

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHow do I feel about it now? I wasn’t quite sure about the fabric after I bought it and this dress was supposed to be more like a toile. Sewing this fabric was a horror, but in the end it turned out to be one of my favourite makes!

Have I worn it? Way too often! I had to take a break from it for a little while, just so people around me didn’t start wondering whether I had nothing else to wear! It’s super comfy and fits perfectly. I’m thinking about making another one actually!

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHow do I feel about it now? It’s nice, it’s different and it’s completely self-drafted. I just love the colour combination. I used boning for the bodice (for the first time) and am quite proud of such a good fit.

Have I worn it? Only for taking pictures for the blog to be honest. Why? The bodice is a bit too tight (never underestimate wearing ease, guys!) and there was just no appropriate occasion to wear it.

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? This skirt was a really quick sew. I just needed something to show off the fabulous vintage trim. The fabric was from my stash, so this was a double win!

Have I worn it? Yes. Not too often, though, since the fabric wrinkles like crazy and I’m a bit lazy when it comes to ironing. But I wear it every now and then.

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHow do I feel about it now? I hate it, of course, and am ashamed to even have counted it in the challenge in the first place! It’s the ugliest thing ever. The only good thing about it is the fit. I consider it a toile for a dress I never made.

Have I worn it? Seriously? Noooo! But I used part of it for my Bombshell Swimsuit lining.

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? It’s really nice. One of the first garments that came together without any major sewing disasters.

Have I worn it? A few times. I will definitely wear it again this summer. The annoying bit: The fabric is quite itchy.

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? I’m still sooo in love with it. These raglan sleeves were a bit tricky, as was the chiffon fabric. All those baby seams! I have a bit of fabric left, maybe you will see these cute little pandas again some time soon.

Have I worn it? No, because I made it for my sister and sent it off to her as soon as it was done. From what she told me, she’s worn it. I’m jealous! It was really hard to give this one away!

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? This was such a horror to sew! First of all, I cut out the fabric with the stretch going the wrong direction. So I basically had to sew it twice. Such a nightmare. That’s all I remember.

Have I worn it? No. This, too, was for my sister.

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? It came together quickly, but I wasn’t concentrated enough and made quite a few mistakes. First of all, I picked the wrong fabric, it didn’t have enough stretch! This dress is way too tight, a serious wardrobe malfunction.

Have I worn it? Once. I will probably have to recycle the fabric at some point.

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? I really like these shorts! They could be a bit tighter around the waistband, but apart from that the fit is great.

Have I worn it? Yes! Quite a few times. I love them and I will keep wearing them!

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? It was a nice and quick project and it’s the only maxi dress I own so far!

Have I worn it? Only once or twice, I guess. I made it end of last summer and it was already getting too chilly to wear it. I will definitely wear it again when the sun comes out!

27dresses challenge recap by thisblogisnotforyou.comHow do I feel about it now? This was definitely one of my most challenging projects so far! It turned out pretty good and I’m really proud of it. I don’t like the sleeves as much as I did in the beginning. They look ginormous!

Have I worn it? For a little while until the weather got too chilly and I had to get out my winter coat. Same problem as I had with my maxi dress. I really have to start planning ahead when sewing seasonal clothing!

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? It’s great. Although really simple and quite, it’s one of my best makes, I think. It’s neat inside out and super comfy.

Have I worn it? Many many times since I made it.

27dresses challenge recap by

How do I feel about it now? I really like it. It was quite challenging to make a made-to-measure garment for someone else, but in the end the fit was great and my best friend loved it! It’s self-drafted and to an untrained eye it definitely doesn’t look homesewn! hurray!

Have I worn it? For the photoshoot only. My best friend wore it at her sister’s wedding and got quite a few compliments. Mission accomplished!

27dresses challenge recap by
How do I feel about it now? I loooove it! Althought it’s quite a bright fashion statement, I love wearing it. It’s comfy, chic and keeps me warm. Perfect combination. And, hey! It will be the first pattern published here on le blog!

Have I worn it? Oh, yes! At first, I only wore it at home. Now I wear it to work as well and can’t stop showing it off!

Enough bragging! Let’s get cracking and bring this challenge to an end!

Btw, do you have any recommendations for great overlockers/sergers? What brands do you use?

Happy sewing!

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