chocolate bean pillbox {DIY in 15 minutes #3}

chocolate bean pillbox DIY

Another DIY I did before Christmas: “anti-stress” and “anti-wanderlust” pillboxes!

All you need:

– tiny empty jars and bottles
– chocolate beans
– vintage printables + paper
– twine
– glue stick

chocolate bean pillbox DIYchocolate bean pillbox DIY

I used a tiny jam jar and a mini brandy bottle that I cleaned and dried up thoroughly. I sorted the chocolate beans by colour, to make the two sorts of pills look differently.

For making the labels I used free vintage printables I found online. Here are some of my favorites:

– free collage sheets

– vintage grunge printables

I altered the label in Photoshop and gauged the correct size. Cut the label out and glue it on the lid or on the front of the bottle.

I printed out some pretty vintage tags, punched holes in them and tied them up with the twine.

Maybe you know someone that could need some anti-stress pills, anti-lovesickness medicine or frustration-protection?

Have fun!

chocolate bean pillbox DIY chocolate bean pillbox DIY
 chocolate bean pillbox DIY



13 thoughts on “chocolate bean pillbox {DIY in 15 minutes #3}

  1. What a great idea. I am making those from vintage bottles I have had for years and giving them to my teacher pals for back to school. Thanks for sharing.

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