chocolate bean pillbox {DIY in 15 minutes #3}

chocolate bean pillbox DIY

Another DIY I did before Christmas: “anti-stress” and “anti-wanderlust” pillboxes!

All you need:

– tiny empty jars and bottles
– chocolate beans
– vintage printables + paper
– twine
– glue stick

chocolate bean pillbox DIYchocolate bean pillbox DIY

I used a tiny jam jar and a mini brandy bottle that I cleaned and dried up thoroughly. I sorted the chocolate beans by colour, to make the two sorts of pills look differently.

For making the labels I used free vintage printables I found online. Here are some of my favorites:

– free collage sheets

– vintage grunge printables

How to make a mobile phone case {the sewing}

After making the pattern – here comes the fun part: the sewing.

If you haven’t done the pattern yet, here’s a link to the pattern making tutorial:
 #1 transfer the pattern onto the fabric

Note that you won’t need to add seam allowance any more. You will need two pieces for the outer and the inner fabric and one piece of fusible interfacing.

#2 transfer the pattern onto the interfacing

How to make a mobile phone case {the custom pattern}

Maybe you still need an idea for a last minute Christmas gift? Or you have a mobile phone yourself that just doesn’t seem to fit in any case? Or maybe you simply want to customise a phone case for fun.

Well anyway, this is part 1 of How to Make a Mobile Phone Case where I show how to make a custom-made pattern. And it’s fairly quick and easy. Pattern-making and sewing together takes about an hour. But if you’re figuring it out for the first time it might take a little longer.

St. Nicholas Day treat – DIY in 15 minutes #2

This is a perfect treat for everyone who isn’t very fond of chocolate!

All you need:
– a small glass bottle with a cork
– olive oil
– fresh herbs (rosemary/thyme)

#1 make sure the bottle is clean!

#2 wash the herbs and put them into the bottle

#3 pour the olive oil into the bottle

#4 cork it up

#5 posh it up with ribbon or a cute label


PS: The oil should rest a few days before use!

St. Nicholas Day treat – DIY in 15 minutes #1

This is so tasty and -believe me- takes only 15 minutes to make.

All you need: 
– a bar of chocolate
– nuts and dried fruits
– an empty jar
– sandwich paper/ baking parchment

#1 melt the chocolate (stir until smooth and glossy)

#2 drop spoonfuls of chocolate onto the sandwich paper (disks of 4-5cm)

#3 add the nuts and dried fruits

#4 put the tray into the freezer for 3-5 minutes (or into the fridge – takes a little longer then)