FREE Knitting Pattern: Slouchy Beanie

Free knitting pattern: Slouchy Beanie by thisblogisnotforyou.comHello my lovely readers!

I’ve got a little treat for you! Well, at least for the knitters amongst you!

As promised, I took the time to make a PDF pattern with instructions for knitting the slouchy beanie with the pretty lace and cable pattern I’ve knitted 4 times already. You can see some examples here and here.

Free knitting pattern: Slouchy Beanie by thisblogisnotforyou.comhandmade knitted beanie by

The pattern is fairly easy in my opinion. I only started knitting last year and knitting a beanie isn’t hard at all once you’ve got the hang of knitting with circular needles.

Free knitting pattern: Slouchy Beanie by

If you stumble upon something in the instructions that isn’t explained, google it. There are loads of very helpful Youtube tutorials and blogs on knitting techniques. That’s how I learned.

Free knitting pattern: Slouchy Beanie by

I’ve encrypted the PDF pattern with a password which you can find right under the download link. Also, there is a printer friendly version of the pattern without pictures. Please respect that all of this is copyrighted material.

Lace and Cable Slouchy Beanie

Slouchy Beanie pattern printer friendly

PDF password: freeL&CSBpattern4u

You can download this pattern for free. If you want to share this pattern, just link to this page. Copying, distributing or uploading this material and/or the password somewhere else without permission is not allowed.

Copyrighted material. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

Happy Knitting!

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4 thoughts on “FREE Knitting Pattern: Slouchy Beanie

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of work that you have put into making this pattern! Well done, I really like it. Such a shame that I never wear any kind of hats, otherwise I would love to give it a try!

    1. hi hun, thanks! You should try though! I normally look stupid in any kind of hat, but these beanies work for everyone 🙂

  2. I donr leave the house without covering my ears in’s freakin’ cold! I’m pinning it in holes that one of my family members will see and make me one….thanks!

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