Goobye London! & Walthamstow meet-up next week!

JL SEWING_015Helloooo my lovelies!

I’ve got exciting news, although they’re not “new” as I’ve known for a long time now. After a couple of years in Londontown me and the Mr are finally moving back to Germany!

I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while and now that there’s less than a month left I’ve realised how much I will miss London and the incredibly busy sewing community. I will miss fabric shopping loads (as far as I now there’s nothing like Goldhawk Road or Walthamstow where I’m moving to) and, of course, all the fun sewing events happening across town. Not that there isn’t anything like that in good old Germany, but I’m sulking a bit and will have to get used to the German sewing community which I have ignored for most of the time so far (sorry German folks!).

Of course, most of the blogger friendships live on on the interwebs, but I’m gutted about all the meet-ups I will miss this summer.

This Blog Is Not For You will stay the same apart from a changing back drop maybe 🙂

Sooo, in case you haven’t made any plans for next Saturday (30th May) yet: Daniela and I are hitting the fabric shops in Walthamstow in the afternoon and if you want to join us, please give me a shout!

I would love to see you there!

(I promise it will involve an abundance of lovely fabrics and cake!)



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Happy sewing!


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3 thoughts on “Goobye London! & Walthamstow meet-up next week!

  1. I’d live to come and meet you and Daniela! We don’t have any plans for next Saturday yet, I hope nothing comes up. Let me know where and when!

    1. Awesome! We will probably meet early afternoon as I have my work leaving do the night before 😉 I’ll let you know the details asap! x

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