Goobye London! & Walthamstow meet-up next week!

JL SEWING_015Helloooo my lovelies!

I’ve got exciting news, although they’re not “new” as I’ve known for a long time now. After a couple of years in Londontown me and the Mr are finally moving back to Germany!

I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while and now that there’s less than a month left I’ve realised how much I will miss London and the incredibly busy sewing community. I will miss fabric shopping loads (as far as I now there’s nothing like Goldhawk Road or Walthamstow where I’m moving to) and, of course, all the fun sewing events happening across town. Not that there isn’t anything like that in good old Germany, but I’m sulking a bit and will have to get used to the German sewing community which I have ignored for most of the time so far (sorry German folks!).

the best is yet to come

Of course. All that Christmas stuff has been lying around in stores for weeks now and it’s pretty annoying to be steamrolled by Christmas jingles and gingerbread from September on.
But now, since it’s November already, it’s fairly bearable.

Last week the festive season officially started in London with the Christmas lights switch-on on the big shopping streets (as pretty and impressive as last year’s) and – with it come the Christmas window displays.
I love window shopping. Especially during Christmas season when everything is nicely decorated with fairy lights and stuff. But then I saw this:

i want to meet a guy named Art…

…I’d take him to a museum, hang him on the wall, criticize him, and leave.
– Jarod Kintz

If you live in London or you’re staying here at the moment and don’t hate going to museums too much, here are some wonderful current exhibitons that are mostly free!

I am planning to go to all of them over the next few weeks/months and I will keep you posted, if they were as good as they sound!

#1  Marilyn Monroe: A British Love Affair  It’s free!!
National Portrait Gallery – Room 33 (Trafalgar Square)
29 September 2012 – 24 March 2013

some like it hot

… and that’s one of the reasons why I wasn’t as elated by the rustling and fragrance of falling leaves as everyone else in London seemed to be last weekend. As pretty as it is, this foretaste of autumn season made me wish for the summer to last just a tiny little bit longer.

However, for those of you, that can’t wait to spend their days inside with tea, coffee and hot chocolate, here is a film tip for the coming rainy days.

the name of the rose

“How beautiful was the spectacle of nature not yet touched by the often perverse wisdom of man!”

– Umberto Eco, “The Name of the Rose”

Nothing’s better than having a good book, a good coffee and a nice place to read! For book and coffee junkies like me, Queen Mary’s Garden (in Regent’s Park) is the perfect place to hang on a sunny and warm September afternoon.

After exploring the somewhat strange names of all the different roses I finally settled down next to “Chandos Beauty”, which actually smelled reeeaaally good. Although I have to read a lot of original S. Freud books for my studies at the moment, I picked an international bestseller novel my best friend gave it to me on my last birthday. And it’s definitely “This week’s book pick”: