No, I didn’t forget about the Blogging Series

Just in case some of you wondered where the annouced part 7 of the Blogging Basics Series is – it’s on its way!

I had a pretty busy weekend and couldn’t write it up on time. I didn’t want to write it on the fly, so this time you have to wait a few days longer – sorry for that!

If you haven’t read all the other parts, here they are:

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Read Part 2 {Layout}
Read Part 3 {Content #1}
Read Part 4 {Content #2}
Read Part 5 {Invest your time wisely}
Read Part 6 {Grow your traffic}

2 thoughts on “No, I didn’t forget about the Blogging Series

    1. Glad you found them helpful, Valorie! I’m done writing up the post and will edit it tomorrow, so I hopefully get it done before the weekend! the legal stuff topic can be frightening, but don’t be too worried 🙂

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